A world on career opportunities via GIS

These days there are so many career opportunities coming up that it is quite confusing for the students to make the decision. But one such career opportunity that we shall discuss today is GIS. It has been grabbing the attention of many youths because of the incredible work options which it offers.

As compared to a regular work profile, the job here is quite different. If this interests you as well and you are curious to explore more of it then surely this post will not disappoint you. Before understanding the different career opportunities, it is important to first understand what exactly is GIS and is there any scope of online GIS degree to acquire.

Geographic Information Science

GIS is an abbreviation of Geographic Information Science. It has gained significant importance all across the globe since it works on making the living better. Wondering how? Well, the online GIS degree profile includes working more on the field where it is possible to create a volume of wide information. Be it the online mapping solution to the electronic device that shall connect the smart cities, this job includes counting different spatial data which is petabytes-worth in real-time.

Understand the Need of GIS in today’s time

These days the demand for APIs for the platform such as integration into the Internet of Things or Google Maps, geospatial data availability is gaining quite a lot. That is why GIS professionals are gaining more knowledge about the tools which lead to better growth.

The growth eventually has led to a huge platform for the experts that contributes to improving the human efforts like controlling the diseases and even planning for the city till offering the business intelligence solution with the right marketing and product management.

Programs to avail

There are different colleges that offer online GIS degrees such as The University of Southern California as part of unique education. The program is designed by the expert faculty who holds great knowledge in the USC GIS education. It offers the framework in a multidisciplinary way.

This way the students can understand and even apply the spatial data to the government, modern business and thus also meet the organizational and military challenges. Such a program comes in two master’s degree for which the duration is 20 months each. There are also either month certificate courses that a student can complete on enrolling for it.

What exactly is covered?

This kind of program is all about the education that is associated with theory and research along with good hands-on experience with the help of best GIS software, data sourcing techniques, and a real-world context.

With this, graduates will be able to explore more on the GIS data and will also adept at creating the solution for the complex issues associated with the industry today.

Reasons to opt for Online GIS Graduate Program

It is one reputable career opportunity that any student can think of. With wide knowledge resources valuable, the experts shall give students the possible education with the advantages of exploring the academic rigor, professional networking, and even execute their own GIS projects.

This surely for any student holding interest in this field is a big thing. Not only this, but students also get a better explore in different ways such as:

  • The 22 months course also covers subjects like geospatial intelligence and human security
  • Earn a good experience with some of the leading GIS technologies and software
  • Be a part of the real-world experience with the help of GIS for the challenges which students can solve.

Different Career scope in GIS

There are so many companies across the world who are actually depending on the location intelligence to come up with a strong decision. Due to this, the demand for GIS currently is quite a lot.

This career requires students to have spatial analysis skills and data visualization skills:

  • Climate Scientist: The demand for such a career is more in the national climatic area where the world’s huge climate data archive is stored. It offers the analysis to be made on the climatology on different economic sectors
  • Forester: This job profile includes managing and developing natural resources with the help of GIS technology. This way it contributes to the betterment of land’s productivity.
  • Health Geographer: This career offers a strong blend of GIS, GPS technologies, and remote sensing. It focuses on controlling and preventing diseases from spreading.
  • Conservationist: The job includes a lot of traveling. The person needs to gather all the important data and use mapping technology so that they can preserve the national parks which can be useful in the future.
  • GIS Manager: This is an interesting career opportunity that focuses on the location where technology can be planned and used for improving the cities. It also uses the mapping of GIS for fighting against wildfires.

The Earning scopes

Just the way other careers are, the position of GIS profile can range from beginner to senior position. As a fresher, the pay scale shall be less for profiles like draftsmen and technicians. For this job profile skills like mapping and CAD are needed. But as you progress for better pay, there are some specialized jobs.

LiDAR analysis and remote sensing fall in the mid-range scale. In the top pay scale comes the senior GIS positions that focus on executing and closing the projects. Besides, senior software engineers have good pay to maintain, design, and create new software.

If you have a good experience and a better educational level, then you are more likely to earn a good pay scale.

GIS is an emerging field. There are so many companies who may not be even aware of using it. You can try out in those fields to increase the need for such a profile and most likely to earn well.

Those experts with a better insight on addressing global issues and making an innovative breakthrough using GIS are quite in demand in different industries. With better pay and great dependency by government and military operations, there are many platforms where only GIS professionals can work.