China’s consumer brands entrepreneurial observation

China brands consumption observation

In the past three years, consumption in the Chinese market has once again become a very hot topic, especially for online luxury retail. There’s so much entrepreneurial opportunity in the consumer space today that everyone feels like there’s a thousand opportunities. In past days, Chinese go to e.g. Hongkong for purchasing luxury products or travel abroad to purchase. With online E-commerce developing, more and more Chinese prefer to purchase online. Even for luxury products, online purchasing is one great option now. With this trend emerging in global market, doing business in China to engage in consumption marketing of China is a good option for investment.

On one hand, it benefits from the changes of marketing channels in China — traffic platforms such as Taobao Live broadcast, Douyin and Kuaishou have successively opened the function of carrying goods, which has brought great traffic dividends to emerging brands and become an important emerging marketing and sales position for consumer goods. On the other hand, young people no longer blindly trust international brands. Influenced by social media, they are more willing to buy domestic emerging brands with higher cost performance.

This article Shared today has combed through some thoughts and opinions about the entire consumer brand. For example, whether a big brand can be made mainly depends on whether the brand cycle is in step, good brands are open rather than closed information system, positioning is not accurate to determine the mismatch of resources, and so on.

  1. It is essential to rationalize one’s worldview when it comes to brand

For consumers, brand is a form of trust and invisible communication. Being a brand, for a founder, is a way to communicate more effectively with more people around the world. A good brand is actually the externalization of the founder’s own philosophy and life attitude. You are a lazy person, and your brand is lazy. You are diligent, and your brand is diligent.

To make a brand, we should start from the three viewpoints of the founder and the philosophy of the founder. It is difficult to make a good brand with too many soul-stirring thoughts and people who differ from the inside to the outside.A good brand is a kind of high-quality spiritual resources. People’s body is nourished by products, while people’s spiritual life depends on the spiritual resources of the brand.

A brand is the result of the externalization of the founder’s personal commitment to customers. A brand without the spirit of the founder will not last long.

  1. Wrong positioning and category.

It is not talking about positioning theory here, It is talking about your product positioning. If you are not well positioned, you are misallocating of resources. Misallocation of resources is something society cannot tolerate, and society will not reward you and you will not succeed.

In terms of category, if you choose a category with no growth or small size, especially the category with strong expertise, such as the machinery industry in China. If you make the wrong choice, no matter how capable you are, you cannot escape from the Five elements mountain of the Buddha.

So brand entrepreneurship, remember the category regulation.

  1. Superstition with live streaming

How about live streaming? Sure, It make sense especially in the current China marketing environment.

But live streaming is more like a closed but explosive model, a certain time selection, a certain time special. Explosive mode can’t hatch brands. Sewer mode can never hatch brands, but it can hatch explosive products. A good brand must have a special place, just like your lover, also has a special place. It’s like the convenience store downstairs, where you know it’s still there as long as the lights are on.

It is impossible for live broadcast to continuously communicate with users. The business model of live broadcast must be valuable, but it is not the brand value.

4.1000 hardcore user is far more important than 100,000 streams

A lot of founders, they emphasize flow, it seems that the brand mainly depends on the flow. If you only have traffic, you can’t build a good brand. In sales B2B, The key to success is knowing where the customer is and seeing where they are. The same applies to B2C, where you can’t see your users. 1000 hardcore customers visible to the naked eye is far more valuable than million traffic that you can see.