Lucciola Italian Restaurant In New York City is all About US!

Synthesis and simplicity

for Cooking, the greatest refinement consists in synthesis and simplicity. This phrase by H. De Toulouse Lautrec represents the thought of the father of all Italian Chefs Gualtiero Marchesi then and of Michele Casadei Massari now, becase we have to watch back to the tradition, then forget it and aim to the new tradition of tomorrow. Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, and your tribe.

“il cibo è l’unico ingrediente che ci lega”

A combination of savoring authentic Italian cuisines with a touch of contemporary artworks inspired by some of the finest artists of this industry, Lucciola is here to set your tastebuds on love for an Italian tang.

Pleasurable moments and exclusive spaces, the story behind Lucciola is reminiscent of someone who just exhumed antique gems.

Allow us to indulge you and evoke your deepest desires for delicious Italian cuisine!

Lucciola, means Firefly

Trattoria restaurant, casual fine dining with no compromise on quality and authenticity, defines as a mishmash of authentic Italian cuisine and the killer style of New York, with a portion of creativity, innovation, and clemency.  Located in the Upper West Side of Gotham City, in the Art Deco palyground of Architect Rosario Candela in New York City, Lucciola is a true representation of the traditional taste of Italy with a touch of modern style variations in ingredients.

Lucciola is not an overnight dream; in fact, it’s a partnership of multiple talents who got their skills combined to create a new old tradition.

Michele Casadei Massari formed the exceptional masterpiece concept in 2017 alongside his friend, Alberto Ghezzi. Together, they created a modern world by employing traditional values.

The Bologna natives had one thing at the back of their minds, and it was to serve the best wines and authentic, fresh ingredients in the market. Thus, they brought the serene breeze of Italy to the bubbling street of New York City.

The Story

Lucciola is not less than a melodramatic inspiration. Yes, this restaurant greatly inspired by the remarkable 1985 movie Festa di Laurea. One of the biggest Italian filmmakers, Pupi Avati, directed the graduation party themed movie. The storyline featured the endearing efforts of a meek baker who sought to gain the attention of a bourgeois society woman.

Lucciola reflects the nostalgic feeling and the romantic mood of Bologna depicted in the courtyard scene where there fireflies at the centre of an illuminated sight.

Nik Novecento, one of the main actors of the movie, died at an early age. He embodied Lucciola’s true values in Bologna; passion, soul, courage, and kindness. The model is also dedicated to him, knowing that he could have come to such a place. This beautiful story of Lucciola shows how Michele Casadei sailed the unchartered waters of the restaurant culture on a luxury ship, fuelled purely by true nature and inner passion.


Executive Chef Michele Casadei Massari

Michele Casadei Massari, often hailed as The Best Italian Chef, is the brainchild of Lucciola. This enthusiastic man is based in New York City. The talented and true renaissance personality is not just a chef; he is also an entrepreneur, conceptual photographer, executive producer of books and music, public speaker, film advisor, T-shirt designer, and avid teacher, and what else not!

He was born in 1975 in his hometown Riccione. He was raised in Bologna, Italy, and lived there until he moved to New York City in 2009. Less than a decade after, he has revolutionized the city. Michele received his education from the famed Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna.

He has transformed the invaluable skills gained in his studies and has established himself as one of the most sought-after Executive Chefs and advisors worldwide. Michele is also an art lover and loves to promote other Italian artistic talents.

Visionary food, thoughtful textures, and brilliant colors are only some offshoots of his passion.

Chef de Cuisine

Julian Villegas is the talented cook in charge of the kitchen. He sets the stage for a splendid and thrilling experience by creating the menu and directing other kitchen staff. The ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques developed across the Italian Peninsula are designed to attract those who are passionate about nature, rather than luxury alone.

Lucciola Art & Food

Lucciola offers divine Italian themed foods and wines to indulge all the senses and cherish life. The platform also allows Italian artists to express themselves. Marco Gallotta is the creator and designer of the wallpaper and artworks; Marina Vanni e Cristina Guidoni from StudioEmporioHome (based in Savigno, Bologna) designed “Madre Lucciola” lamp inspired and in memory of our beloved Nik Novecento.


To create the best Italian cuisines experience possible to let people enjoy life moments and celebrate every day with exquisite food, and unmatched services.


To spread the love for food everywhere, by offering an unforgettable dining experience to the people.


  • Self-expression: We want our customers to be able to express themselves in any capacity.
  • never more than five ingrdients, givinge bck power of truth honest food
  • Art
  • Creativity and science: We encourage innovation and creativity.
  • Love and friendship: We aim to promote a culture of love and friendship through delicious food.
  • Passion: Our staff put in their best efforts because we love what we do.
  • Kindness and support: Lucciola wants to spread kindness and supports with delicious foods and extraordinary arts.

Why Lucciola is Unique

  • Passion and nature
  • A menu reflective of the Italian culture
  • Delightful and friendly experience, you’ll be alwasy home.
  • It will always be about you, about Us!