Top Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

2020 is a dynamic year of innovation, implementation and creative explorations in the digital marketing arena. Technologies that were once considered overambitious and out of reach are now emerging as groundbreaking transformations. This year is all about automation, artificial intelligence, high-powered chatbots, Shopify SEO, voice engine search optimization and personalized consumer experiences.

As a digital marketer, staying abreast with industry trends is of paramount significance. You cannot afford to bypass these trends as they are integral to maintain competitiveness and relevance in the digital realm. In the context of this article, we will walk you through the top digital marketing trends to adopt this year.

Here, take a look:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has penetrated the realm of digital marketing with multiple solutions and software that enhance customer service and social media marketing. AI-powered solutions have transformed how digital marketer delegate menial and repetitive tasks.

For instance, these tools can be used to extract consumer data from various online activities, websites and social media platforms. This data can be used to examine buying preferences and consumers behaviours and devise pragmatic and practical marketing strategies to attract these consumers.

In 2020, chatbots are a major feature of AI-powered language processing tools and software. These chatbots are much more refined and sophisticated than your average chatbot as they ca automate payments, and converse with the consumer like a real person.

Video Marketing

The last few years have witnessed the rising popularity of video marketing and content, and this trend will maintain its significance for the years to come. Modern-day users and consumers are more likely to watch immersive videos than read a lengthy article. In 2020, videos are the most immersive and effective form of marketing materials and campaigns. For instance, if you are starting a graphic design business, you can create a great engaging video to market your business.

In fact, research reveals that videos have the potential to increase conversion rates, and over 50% of the consumers rely on videos to make well-informed buying decisions. Videos have penetrated the digital marketing realm with dynamic aplomb; and from introducing new products and services to maintaining consumer loyalty and brand image, they are a vital ingredient of the marketing mix!

Personalized Consumer Experiences

Modern-day consumers won’t settle for anything less than a tailored and personalized experience that is fully aligned with their expectations and needs. High-tech companies and large businesses are utilizing tools and metrics that allow them to tap into the consumer’s preferences based on their online experiences, and hence, they are able to offer highly personalized experiences.

Small businesses and digital marketers have little choice but to comply with this crucial requirement. Personalized marketing campaigns are an excellent strategy to boost marketing success and cement brand loyalty. Consumers are very specific about the kind of content, emails, subscriptions and products they desire, and they are attracted to brands who offer them such experiences.

The success of personalized branded giveaways, such as stationeries, free samples and others, have also increased dramatically. A poll revealed that 80% of the customers are more drawn towards brands that offer them personalized experiences. Moreover, 90% of the consumers are more likely to read personalized emails and interact with brands that attempt to tailor their experiences based on their preferences.

Influencer Marketing

The modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing, the power and influence of social media influencers is hard to ignore! Brands are increasingly tapping into the audiences of social media influencers, celebrities, popular bloggers, YouTube content creators and entertainers. You see, these social media influencers have vast audiences, who trust, admire and follow them, and rely on them to assist with their buying decisions.

Statistics reveal that 58% of consumers invested in a new product on the recommendation of an influencer. More importantly, 63% of the consumers revealed that they invest in products and services after exploring the reviews of their favourite influencers.

In simpler words, influencers help businesses refine their image, cement brand loyalty, penetrate new markets and new consumer audiences, and promote new services or product lines. For instance, baby care brands look towards real-life mothers who are bloggers and have an active audience of mothers who look towards them for advice and reviews. Similarly, travel bloggers are chosen by airlines, resorts and travel-related businesses to market their products to their audiences.


2020 is a year of innovation, personalization and humanization. Brands need to ditch traditional marketing strategies and focus on humanizing their brands and interacting with their audience on a more deeper level. Entertainment and engagement have become more competitive than ever as the online users are flooded with content and information.

So, how can a digital marketer maintain competitiveness and audience engagement? By deploying AI-powered tools, big data solutions, high-tech software that provide insights into consumer behaviours and preferences, and allow businesses to deliver personalized consumer experiences. Remember: the modern-day consumer is highly empowered and will not settle for anything less than what they truly desire!