What Insurance Do You Need To Open A Daycare?

Daycares operate during the day and provide babysitting services for working parents. The owner chooses what programs are available to children and what services they offer parents. Operating a daycare presents the owner with several risks related to the children and their property. Reviewing insurance policies helps the owner make decisions about coverage and how to protect their business thoroughly.

Daycare Liability Insurance

Daycare liability provides protection against personal injury lawsuits. The coverage offers assistance when an accident occurs on or inside the property. It applies to the children that stay at the daycare and parents who come to pick them up or drop them off. This includes slip and fall accidents that happen outside the facility such as in the parking lot. The insurance offers coverage for medical expenses for any injury that happens at the daycare. This includes injuries related to the playground equipment or if the children become involved in a physical altercation on the property. The insurance applies to any property that was damaged by one of the children, too. The daycare owner gets funds to replace their computers or other equipment that could become damaged while children are playing inside the facility. Daycare owners can learn more about coverage by contacting Garrity Insurance now.

Coverage for Personal Injuries

Personal injury coverage applies to any circumstance that could generate a financial loss for the daycare. This includes slander or libel. Any statements that were spoken or published online about the daycare that can generate a financial loss or loss of business. It helps the company take legal action against anyone who is guilty of slander or libel. The business could get an award from a defamation claim.

Property Damage Coverage

Property damage coverage provides funds if the property is damaged because of a covered event. The insurance provides payment for repairs and remediation services. If the property is a total loss, the business owner receives the market value for the property to replace it. Commercial property coverage will protect business-related items that are inside the property when the event occurs.

Errors and Omissions Coverage

Errors and omissions insurance is the same as professional liability coverage. For a daycare, the coverage applies if a misunderstanding arises, and a liability emerges. For example, if the parents believe that the daycare is providing services that they aren’t, the coverage can provide protection against legal claims. It applies to any liabilities that aren’t covered by standard liability coverage.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial auto coverage provides coverage for the commercial vehicle and any accident damages that occur. If the commercial driver is at fault, the coverage provides funds to pay for auto repairs and medical treatment expenses. The amount of coverage applied to the policy defines if the commercial vehicle is replaced after a total loss. Daycare facilities provide invaluable services for parents that must work. The programs might offer educational programs for children of different ages as well as playground opportunities. The daycare must follow all state and federal laws including obtaining proper licensing. Reviewing proper insurance coverage for the daycare facilities shows the owner what protection they need.