People are always hastening in achieving their goals. One would make a certain sacrifice in able to get there. However, life does not offer a uniform pace and success rate. Why? It is because we are our own merchants of our triumphs.

Although we cannot share the same exact steps on our journeys, we can always take inspiration along. There are lots of inspirational personalities existing today, and one of them is the Public Relations industry finest, Mr. Simon Tizon.

Who is Simon Tizon?

At the outset, Simon was just a normal boy living his childhood until his parents got separated when he was 11 years old. All the duties of his father were all put on his mother’s shoulders. He never had the chance to finish secondary school. As a result, his dreams about his future got dreadfully canceled. Although he never gave up on his dreams and got himself to a junior college, the same circumstances went his way as he got kicked out.

To escape from all his frustrations brought by his family and school issues, he started training for boxing. His efforts did not go in vain. His 6 to 7 hours hustling every day led him to become one of the notably emerging boxing stars in Minnesota.

Years after his soaring career, a piece of startling news about him went all over America’s timeline. The young boxer was assaulted in Minneapolis and lost his left ear. It was not only awful news for his fans and his family, but also to him, as he lost his hard-earned career.

How did he become successful today?

Simon had a hard time bringing himself together after the tragic event. He lost his source of livelihood and end up sleeping inside his car in parking lots. Everybody can say that hitting rock bottom is hopeless, but not for him.

Today, Simon is one of the famous and successful public relations personality. He managed to build his own PR company- CrushN Media. His entrepreneurial and communication skills brought him all the way up. His own potential served as his advertiser. All his time, even during its darkest, he managed to pull himself together to work hard and continue striving for a better life. Then, all his taken away fortune freely came in his way, and establish his progressive company in just a span of three years.

His hustling also delivered him in being a well-known marketing strategist who has been rated by Yahoo!

What is his secret?

Simon’s secret in achieving what he has now is never a secret. It is just his pure talent. In all his battles, his strongest armor is nothing but himself. Maybe, life has its own way of molding somebody. And, for Simon Tizon, you can make your dreams come true as soon as you wake up in the morning-regardless of it being a good or bad day.