X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater

Vehicular repeater systems have evolved, and Wireless Pacific’s X10DR® long-range wireless remote speaker microphones are what are in vogue now. It has the same functions as the traditional mobile vehicle repeater, which is passing radio traffic from a host’s two-way radio to a user outside their vehicle. X10DR also permits communication between users at distances of up to 500 meters from their vehicle’s radio.

We spoke with the CEO of Wireless Pacific, Martin Cahill, some time back. He invented the X10DR. He is also one of the founders of Australia Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA),an association that works with the Australian government of radio communication issues. The other founder is David Cox.

We live in a world dominated by smartphones, so why invest in two-way radio solutions like the X10DR?

“The mobile two-way radio was invented over seventy years ago, and one problem it has always had is how to handle communications outside a vehicle. There have been several solutions in the past, but all were far from ideal as it puts the staff in really uncomfortable situations. Leaving staff members to fend for themselves causes team spirit to disapate . Using DVRS radio repeaters brings a lot of operational problems. Fortunately, the X10DR solves every single one of these problems. It is simple, requires no training, it works, it is constantly updated, and this explains why since 2012, tens of thousands of units have been sold,” Cahill stated. “The X10DR can now work for up to 800 meters outside the vehicle, and in this COVID19 era, you wouldn’t need to walk that far,”He joked. “To be clear, it is pronounced EX-TEN-DER, as in out-of-vehicle range extender,” he added.

That makes sense, X-10-DER! How did the concept for X10DR come to being, and what makes it better than DVRs and other competing repeaters?

“In the past, the solutions to many of the issues with vehicular repeaters are usually very unrealistic and expensive. It’s been forty years in this industry, and it only makes sense for a better approach to come to the rescue,” Cahill enthused.

“The X10DR is not as technically complex as previous models, no audio or other essential radio system tones are lost, there simply aren’t contention issues with the X10DR when more than one vehicle is involved at a scene. X10DR Elite units even take this up a notch and deliver full-duplex handsfree communications at the scene without compromising access to the mobile channel of the vehicle. Not to mention that this model is cheaper to install,” Cahill said.

Do you think an argument can still be made for these DVRs mobile vehicular repeaters?

“Honestly, yes. Users may find themselves in forests or parks where they have to wander several kilometers, and in such instances, you could make an argument for DVRS mobile repeaters. However, there are other options users can consider like Iridium® PTT. Taking a look at all other variables, like cost, complexity, and usability is also critical,” Cahill acknowledged.

“We also understand, more importantly, that there is usually a defined area, or ‘bubble,’ where close to all of the work is done. People will rather park close to this defined area than hundreds of meters away from it. This is where the X10DR works optimally. I must reiterate that the X10DR is a front-runner in the industry because of its cost-effective and practical nature,” Cahill continued.

Where to for the X10DR from here?

“There are ideas and concepts waiting to be unleashed but only after this economy-crippling pandemic passes,” Cahill ended.

To learn more, go to www.x10dr.com, www.x10drglobalstore.com.