3 Effective Ways of Increasing Instagram Followers

The number of users on Instagram is over one billion, and the engagement level is sky-high. According to the studies, about 80 percent of Instagram’s accounts are following a business, making this platform the best for your business’s marketing. We all love engaging in this platform one way or the other. Whether it is about liking, sharing, or commenting on our favorite content, we always use various ways to show our interest and likeness for brands and have fun while scrolling our feed. On the other hand, the content creators get motivated with all the love and appreciation that they receive through interacting with their followers. 

One of the most common issues that numerous beginner-level influencers on Instagram face are the limited number of followers. Sometimes, despite their countless efforts, deserving content creators are unable to reach most of their target audience. Even though their content is worthy of spreading, users are not aware of their presence, and hence, such beginners do not achieve the appreciation that they deserve. 

If you are also a beginner with similar obstacles, we have good news for you. You can increase the fan following of your blog by practicing simple strategies—these methods of increasing the followers on Instagram work for personal and professional accounts. We have shared with you below some easy methods through which you can increase the followers on your Instagram blog. 

  • Stay Consistent 

According to a study conducted by the virtual marketing tool Tailwind, to understand the relationship between frequency of the posts and followers’ growth, your posts’ consistency is directly related to the number of followers and likes you get on your account. The more you post, the greater your chances of reaching the maximum target audience will be. 

  • Post Stories, Videos, and Live Videos

Even though Instagram was originally a photo-sharing platform, it has evolved over time. Numerous exciting features have been added to make the app more exciting and keep the users active. Some of the most popular features that numerous brands are using to increase their followers are stories, live videos, and videos. According to the research, videos have more average engagement than images. Therefore, try to engage your users through videos, stories, and going live to interact with them. 

  • Buy Followers

You might have already heard about it. Buying followers on Instagram is a new trend to achieve the fame that you want. You can buy Instagram followers from genuine service providers, such as Followers Promotions, and quickly increase your followers. The best part of buying followers for your Instagram blog is that you wouldn’t have to wait forever and ever just to increase the followers. You are allowed to select the number of followers according to your preferences. Their rates are very reasonable with the assurance of high-quality followers. They also deliver your required followers at a fast speed, taking around 30-60 minutes for delivery. Furthermore, you can also buy Instagram likes from Followers Promotions at highly affordable rates.


Increasing followers on Instagram might seem challenging, but it is easier than you think. We have shared some methods for using Instagram effectively as a beginner and growing your fan base quickly. Try to stay focused and consistent with the strategy that you choose to adopt and your blog will eventually get the popularity that it deserves,