4 Essential Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important for your Business

63% of businesses have started using video content marketing according to Wyzowl statistics, out of those 82% of business consider video marketing as an important aspect of their strategy. Video is constantly progressing and will reach new heights sooner than we think. Let me show you 4 reasons why you should use video marketing:

Conversion and sales-boosting:

First of all, serious money can be made through videos. Including a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product mostly purchased it. So better begin making crafting and interesting product videos.

According to Tiffanie Hartenstein, CEO of ORACLE Lighting:

“Over the past ten years, we’ve used video content on YouTube as a strategy for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. By focusing on topics important to our customer base, we’re able to use video to reach out to new audiences while answering important customer service-related queries related to installation and troubleshooting. When developing videos, we focus on the products we want to promote, frequently asked questions from customers, and instructions that are easiest to demonstrate visually. This has helped us grow our viewer base by thousands of subscribers.”

The effectiveness of video is not even surprising if you think about it. Vision is our most prevailing sense after all. Most data transmitted to your mind is visual. Imagine moving pictures can do to your business if already pictures can boost engagement greatly.

Video exibit massive ROI:

83% of businesses state that video gives a great return of investment. Despite the fact that video creation isn’t the simplest or cheapest task, it pays of big time. Plus, online video editing tools are continually improving and getting more reasonable. And now smartphones can make pretty good videos too.

According to Thomas Jepsen CEO of

“There’s no denying that, as data limitations on mobile devices have become practically a non-issue, more people consume a more engaging medium like video, as it is easier to consume than text, which requires an active effort. Besides that, using video content in combination with SEO provides an ideal way to reach consumers in their buying journey. Users will usually engage in information search, followed by a product search, followed by a review search, followed by a buying search. The more of those steps you are able to put yourself and your brand in front of the user, the more likely they are to buy from your brand”

Another uplifting news is that your videos don’t need to be perfect. Its the content which matters. Users are mostly put off by videos that don’t explain the product or service clearly enough shown by the latest research. Poor design and low quality didn’t nearly matter as much. So it can be said that video resembles pizza- even if it’s pretty bad, it’s still very acceptable.

Video built trust:

Trust is the establishment of conversion and sales. But building trust should be an objective on its own. The entire idea of content marketing depends on trust and creating long term relationships. Quit selling and let the visitors come to you by providing them exciting and valuable information.

Jack Choros, Content Manager at IronMonk Solutions:

“Visual content is soon playing more engaging. Videos put a name to a face in a way that a blog post or audio clip does not. A broader trend in everyday life is also putting video on a pedestal as a more important piece of content than ever because more and more people are relying on streaming services and YouTube further content rather than traditional cable or television”

Video does everything. Video content is probably going to connect with us and ignite emotions.YouTubers have become the most powerful social media figure to promote your brand when we talk about the elite people in the audience. You must be serious about video if you are serious about content marketing.

Promotional videos can encourage trust also. Some purchasers are still not sure about buying products and services online because they fear fraud and cheating. But effective marketing videos present your products in a conversational form. That creates a feeling of individual methodology which is the reason why 57% of shoppers state that video gave them more certainty to buy online.

Google-like videos:

Video enables you to extend the time spent by the visitor on your website. Thus, longer exposure creates trust and signals search engines that your website has good content. Moovly provides us with huge insights: You are 53times more probably appear first on Google if you have a video inserted on your website. Since Google now owns Youtube, There has been a huge increase in how much videos influence your search engine ranks.

According to Orlando personal injury lawyer Tina Willis:

“Since many people are staying home around the clock these days, they are taking more time to watch videos than ever before. I have noticed a definite uptick in my older videos (which were already established on YouTube, but the view counts have been increasing noticeably).  That’s been true even though I had put very little time or effort into my YouTube channel before this year. The positive growth was so noticeable that I’ve revamped my entire marketing plan and budget to create more videos for my YouTube channel “Tina Willis” this year.  I’ve also noticed many more views & comments on my social media posts that include videos, rather than just text or graphics.  On a personal level, my husband and I have been watching much more video content at night, on YouTube, for both entertainment and education.”

Do not forget to optimize your videos on youtube OF Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Compose engaging and exciting titles and descriptions. Add a link back to your website, products, and services. Give potential customers the best approach to take the next stride. Furthermore, explore the world of intuitive and interactive videos to support actions even more.