4 Games You Should Master in the Casino

Many games in the casino have the same amount of wins and losses over the years, no matter if it is based on pure luck or skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran casino goer. However, the question persists. Are casino games beatable? Of course, if you are talking about the games that face you off with another bettor.

But how about games based on luck? Well, you have to have the patience and persistence to win. In reality, no game is straightforward enough that you can find a loophole to win all the time. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything but rely on your luck to win.

Some games can be approached in a way that you’ll have a fair chance of winning. All you have to do is research and practice from time to time to get more adept at playing the game. That said, here are five casino games you can master


You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we all have seen at least a singular James Bond who has played this game in the casino. Because of its reputation on Bond movies, you might think this game is only for high-level players. However, that is far from the truth. Baccarat is one of the most accessible casino games you can master, even for beginners.

This game is popular because it is purely based on chances, with no skill involved. Some people will say that you can calculate future results by looking at the previous ones, but of course, that’s not true at all and should not be believed.

Playing the game is as easy as betting which side of the coin will show up in a coin toss. You can bet which hand will win the game. Will it be the Banker hand or the Player hand? There’s also a situation where a tie happens, but the odds are usually low.


Roulette is probably one of the most popular games in the casino. You may have heard it once or twice in your lifetime. This is because playing roulette is very simple. However, you still need to understand the rules, bets, and odds of the games, which will take you no more than an hour to understand.

All you have to do is pick a number, and you’re good to go. The roulette will then spin while the ball is in it. If the ball lands on your number after the spin ends, you win. There are different types of roulette you can choose: American, European, and French.

You can also look up some statistics online, which will guide you on what number and color to pick for high chances of winning. But of course, always take those with a grain of salt.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are simple, but the percentage of people winning in slot machines is below 10% percent. This is why casino goers tend to avoid slot machines and call them “one-arm bandits.” Having a win rate below 10% is discouraging for many players, but you can look up some ways to have a little advantage to win on slot machines.

But before that, it’s essential to note that casinos often have triple point days where they offer players the chance to play three times the regular playing points. This means that your points’ comp value is tripled, earning you more money in winnings, which can be optimized if you know how to take advantage of slot machines.

You can also utilize another method to visit your casino’s website and locate their slot machines with the lowest hold percentage. Once you know which slot machines to play, you can play them to your advantage.

If you win, you’ll have more earnings than usual because of the little hold percentage the casino has in that specific slot machine. You can also take advantage of the free money offered by casinos for you to play slot machines, which they sometimes do.


One of the most accessible games you can play in the casino is blackjack. Blackjack is a counting game where you win by being closest to the number 21. It’s easy and involves both skill and luck to win the game.

There are a lot of strategies that have been made throughout the years. You can even use some old strategies to win games today, like shuffle tracking. Shuffle tracking is done by tracking a key card sequence for you to predict when an ace will come out.

However, most casinos have caught up to this strategy and have placed some countermeasures against this strategy by doing more complicated and more difficult shuffles.

You can also use a strategy called hole carding. Although this strategy is quite common, the instances you can use it are infrequent. Hole carding is the process of trying to figure out the sequence and which cards will come up after dealing with them. It’s a highly technical process and can be applied to individual dealers with easy to read shuffles.

However, such dealers are not very common today as they are more trained to be more complicated when it comes to their shuffling techniques. Calculating which card will show up is complicated as you can only see the cards that have been dealt with.

Of course, you can do the trick called card narrowing, where you guess which card will show up through elimination. But even with that, it is still hard, which makes it a strategy that isn’t viable.


As a casino goer, mastering the more simple games is essential to earn more money without investing too much time strategizing, allowing you to have fun while playing. Casinos are here to give entertainment for players, but then again, losing can be upsetting. That said, if you don’t have the time to go to a casino, why not visit sites such as Betmaster online casino and try your luck there? Who knows, maybe the odds will be in your favor.

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