47 Best Apps for Sales, Marketing and Business

Here is a list of the 47 Best Sales Mobile Applications, that each Seller needs on their phone, so that this 2018, it is a top in their industry.

Next, I mention a list of the 47 Best Applications for both Android and the App Store, to later explain what each of the applications consists of.

We begin by explaining each of the applications mentioned. We will show you what they are. In some cases, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the case, in others we will even offer you explanatory videos. Lahore smart city is a housing society that got thousands of customers with the help of applications like mentioned below.

  1. CRM base

It is the CRM Mobile Application that I use and that I highly recommend for many years. After trying various applications, I did not find any that meet my expectations as much as this application does.

In this CRM you can add the leads. Then when these people show any interest, you convert them into contacts and associate it with an opportunity. There are different statuses of the opportunity: first contact, in negotiation, sale won, or sale lost (you can also customize it). You can add tasks, notes, and documents to each contact.

It also provides you with a dashboard (a dashboard) in which it shows you the most important indicators of your commercial activities. It records the calls and messages you make with your different prospects and clients. It has Geolocation. And much more.

  1. Trello

As a seller, have you ever had the need to organize yourself based on different notes that you were hanging on a board? I’m sure if.

The good news is that you no longer need to do this, to keep organized. Now Trello, uses this same methodology, so that you can organize yourself from your computer or your cell phone. You are creating different notes on a digital board, and these notes can be passed from one state to another.

For example, from a to-do task to a task in progress, to a completed task. Or you can also organize your dashboard, to see the different situations in which a client finds himself: in negotiation, proposal, won or lost. To mention some of the thousands of utilities that you can give to this revolutionary application

  1. TodoIst

I have come to the conclusion that TodoIst is the best application to organize your Tasks (in fact, I will soon take a video to explain all its functions), after exploring different similar applications. With TodoIst you not only have the opportunity to create your tasks, but you can also group them according to the different projects you are working on, or you can add a label to each task or establish a type of priority for each one.

But it also has a particularity that I love. It has a scoring system, called Karma. System that keeps you motivated, since every day you increase your score, as you complete your tasks and convert from a Novice to a Master of Productivity.

Together with Trello and Toggl they form the perfect productivity trio.

  1. Toggl

What is Toggle good for if we already have Trello that gives us a one-shot view of our projects and we already have Todoist that gives us a list of the different tasks we have to perform? Well, Toggl comes to complement these tasks, doing a phenomenal job, timing each of our tasks.

In this way you are recording what activities and how long each activity took you, you have done during the day.

  1. Evernote

This application meets the need for salespeople to take notes. I could recommend the notes application that comes by default on the cell phone. However, it does not offer you all the comfort, organization and mainly productivity improvement options that this application offers you.

Never again will you have notes scattered here and there. From now on, you will have everything connected with Evernote. What if you are a fan of writing notes by hand? No problem, with Evernote you can digitize these notes and have them available anywhere, at any time, and without taking up any physical space in your suitcase or backpack.

Here are some productivity tips for salespeople that will be very well complemented with this application.

  1. CamScanner

If of the 47 applications, you only need 10 to move, you cannot afford not to have the CamScanner application installed, at least if you are a Closing Salesperson , and that all the time you are prospecting new customers , and you do not have time to sit down to send or order documentation.

CamScanner allows you to take photos of your clients’ documents and then present them to you in a pdf document, ideal for presenting the people who are in charge of processing orders or analyzing client profiles. And for many things in General.

  1. Keynote

Imagine you have a sales presentation. You are not the only person who visits that client, you have your competition wanting to get that account as well. You see that everyone has brought their computer, and they are arranging their slides.

You get scared because logically you did not have any presentation, and you are afraid of looking unprofessional if you do not have one. At that moment, you remember that you have the Keynote application installed, you make 4 slides (it is the number we recommend making your sales presentations) and voila, you connect your phone to the projector. You focus on asking your prospects questions and presenting the solution.

And you get out of that situation well and even with a sale in your pocket. For this, you need to install the Keynote application.

  1. Feedly

Perfect for those moments when you have to move from one place to another. Take long trips or you are on your way home, after a busy day, or you just want to read something useful in your spare time. Download Feedly, add to the Seller’s School, and you will have all the news, the new articles, in a priority, direct and instantaneous way in this application.

But let’s be honest, you will not only have readings available from our blog, but also from all you want. And what happens if you don’t have internet, but you want to save one of the readings that interests you? You share it and save it in Pocket, the other application that we will explain to you below.

  1. Pocket

The Pocket application helps us to enjoy all our favorite readings that we have been selecting, be it from the Chrome Browser, Feedly or from other sources and that we believe that these links would be useful to read them at another time, especially when we do not want to or cannot be connected to the internet.

Ideal for your pocket readings.

See also: Recommended Sales Books.

  1. Snaptube

While Snaptube is the only mobile app for sellers, it cannot be found in the official download stores. I recommend it because there is no other like it that allows you to download all the videos from YouTube and other sources, for those times when you do not have internet, or do not want to use up the data on your mobile phone.

It downloads you in video, audio format. Therefore, you can have a library of videos about sales and audiobooks, thanks to this application.

  1. Transcriber

For those times when you are in a meeting or attending a training, but you can not stop serving your customers. And they send you an audio note, you can convert this audio into text, quickly, correctly, and practically, with this application. It is what Transcriber does in a nutshell, transcribing your WhatsApp audio notes.

  1. AZ Screen Recorder

How many times have you had the need to explain a proposal or a product to your potential client, and you can’t find a way to capture at the same time what appears on the screen of your mobile phone, and your voice. And get this recording in video format and be able to share it?

Well, that and more, the AZ Screen Recorder application does, who records everything you are doing on the screen of your mobile phone plus your voice. Also, useful if you want to prepare a presentation and record it from your mobile phone.

  1. Antonio Arreguin

I like the Antonio Arreguin application that it has a variety of neurosales tips. You also find several sales tips, in audio, video and text format.

If you want to have sales training on hand or refresh some sales content, Antonio Arreguin’s application will help you a lot.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is perfect for setting up teleconferences, virtual meetings, with many attendees at the same time. In its free version, you have the option of setting up meetings of up to 40 minutes. And in the option of 15 usd per month, you can have your meetings for an unlimited time.

You can also share your screen, make explanations on the board, annotations on the screen, chat, edit the work of your intercom on your screen. And many other practical options for a salesperson, who constantly holds meetings with clients. And how well I could do them online.

  1. Skype

In the same line of mobile applications for video conferencing is the option of skype. A much more famous application than the previous one. That it is free without mentioning the duration of the meeting.

Which also allows you to make group calls. Which also allows you to share screens. And you can also send instant messages, chat, or send documents. Essential on the seller’s mobile phone, having the Skype application.

  1. Amazon Kindle

A salesperson, entrepreneur, and business owner, always has to be in constant training. You must read books on the subject. And be in constant growth.

Personally, I have the Amazon Kindle application on my mobile phone. In addition, I am subscribed to their Kindle Unlimited program, so I can read as many books as I want per month. Essential to be in constant training.

  1. Scribd

Pay attention to this super secret. By paying a subscription of 8.99 USD / month, you can read up to 5 books per month with the Scribd application. And these are not just any books, they are the best sales, business, and personal development books you will find.

High-quality best-selling books. The ones I can’t find on Amazon Kindle, I usually find them on Scribd. In addition, the format in which the books are delivered to you, allows you to read on the screen of your mobile phone, in a pleasant and pleasant way.

  1. Dropbox

I am more than sure you know this application. However, if you still don’t have it on your radar, I can tell you that Dropbox is an application that offers a cloud storage service. It has a space that is totally free. And a paid version, which allows you to store up to 1 Terabyte.

If you are a seller, you do not need to load all your documents, promotional materials, and product catalog on your phone (and sometimes the memory of the phone fills up quickly). You simply send a link (a link) to your client. And he can access the necessary documentation and download it to his device or view it online.

  1. Linkedin

Don’t tell me that you go on a date with your prospect, without first checking their Linkedin profile? If you have been doing this up to now, download the Linkedin application, check your prospect’s profile before going to the appointment. And you will see how you can obtain valuable information in this social network, which will allow you to arrive better prepared for your sales interview.

  1. Hubspot CRM

Up to 1 million Free Contacts. It’s the Hubspot CRM promise, and it does deliver on it. It has a powerful CRM, with very good features, to be free.

In the following video, I make a more detailed explanation of this wonderful mobile application for sales representatives.

  1. True Tie

True Tie is the best application to make different tie knots, quickly and easily, according to the occasion in which you have to present yourself.

As Sellers, many times we have to go to different events, events, meetings with different clients. For those occasions, we sometimes ask to know more than one type of tie knot. This no longer has to be a concern. You just focus on selling, which later, the issue of the tie, is just to see the application and follow the instructions.

  1. CamCard

Few are the salespeople who keep an order on the business cards that their prospects give them. Most of them are left in his pants pocket. Or they fall out of their shirt pocket. Or you simply do not remember where you have left the data of that important client.

With Camcard this is no longer going to be a problem. You simply snap a photo of the physical business card, and it automatically becomes a digital business card. And if you have the Base CRM application, you will have a powerful combination to keep track of your customers.

  1. Close The Sale (Cardone)

Closing the Sale is one of the main skills of a successful salesperson. As the years go by, the salesperson becomes more adept at closing deals and ruling out, as soon as possible, prospects with whom there will be no positive results.

One of the ways to shorten this learning curve is by having a broad repertoire of sales closings. Not only have it on your device, but read it, review it, internalize it and use it at the right time. With the Close The Sale application, you have an infinite number of sales closings available, so that you can read them every day, and use them every time the occasion arises.

This application is wonderful, highly recommended. Of course, it is paid.

  1. QuickVoice

For those meetings in which you are allowed to record the entire event. For those trainings in which every word is worth gold. To have a device where you can store your best ideas. For all these occasions and others like them, use Quick Voice, a mobile application for salespeople, that allows you to make incredible recordings.

  1. Time Buddy – Clock & Converter

To book an appointment on the prospect’s calendar. So that the meeting is recorded both in your client’s Calendar, as well as in your own, the Time Buddy application, is perfect for it.

Remember, we have said in a previous article, that it is necessary to make the prospect write down the day and time of the meeting to have a greater probability that the meeting will take place.

  1. Expensify

Expensify is a necessary application to control income and expenses. Let’s not talk about personal finances anymore, which is something for which

Expensify perfectly serves us. Let’s also talk about the reality of the seller who, on his trips, receives money for food, lodging, transportation, and other expenses. And many times, you forget about the expenses you made.

To make a travel account report, go to your Expensify help desk. And to carry your personal finances, too, why not.

  1. Google Maps

And similar applications. It allows us to more easily reach the addresses of our prospects. We can even share these addresses, assign them a custom name. And if you integrate it with Base CRM, the functionality of this application is enhanced.

  1. Pipedrive

I recommend Pipedrive for small and medium businesses. Although it is a paid version, its simplicity, its graphical interface, its approach oriented to pipelines and sales funnels, make it an RM mobile application, very important in this business.

Try it for 14 days for free, and if it convinces you (which is very likely) take advantage of this tool to a thousand, to boost your sales.

  1. Vendor

Vendor is a mobile application created by Juan Carlos Ramírez, a Sales trainer. In this application you will find many sales tips, videos, motivational resources. Special for when we want to train and get a nutritious reading.

  1. 30/30

Tasks become very productive when we break them down into smaller tasks. And they become much more productive when we allocate short periods of time to them.

For this purpose, the 30/30 app allows you to assign 30-minute tasks in 30 minutes. In this way, you feel that your days are more productive, and you make the most of your time. Highly recommended.

  1. Pepperi – Catalog and Orders

If you are a person who has his own business or makes sales independently. Pepperi is an excellent solution for you.

It allows you to manage multiple catalogs, make presentations of your products in high resolution, and you can take orders from your prospects with greater functionality. Try it for free and discover its potential for yourself.

  1. Business Manager. Control of sales, stck.

Continuing with that same line of providing support to small entrepreneurs, the Business Manager application allows you to manage your business, its most important indicators, from the comfort of your application. Product stock, inventory, rotation, order taking, billing and much more, allows you to make this application.

And it’s totally free. You can download it from the Play Store.

  1. Site Reporter – 2017

If you are a real estate agent, insurance agent, car seller, or seller in similar fields, this application has to be one of the essential ones. Since, for example, if you are a real estate broker, you can take photos and of a house, add an attractive description and send it to your prospect in a professional way, in a matter of seconds. Similar reports you can do in the industry you work for.

  1. Clients Visits 4 Lt.

For those salespeople who do not need a very elaborate CRM, and simply want to focus on managing their customer visit schedule. This application is great for you, because it allows you to know, at a glance, with which prospects you have meetings scheduled and at what times.

In addition, it allows you to add new meetings

  1. Weekly Plan Lt.

I always recommend to the followers of the Seller’s School, that before starting a week, they plan all the activities that they will carry out. They can do it with a classic agenda, or a notebook, and if they are very modern, you can use the Weekly Plan application, which is perfect to fulfill this purpose of a good salesperson.

  1. Flowdia Diagrams Demo

How many times have we sellers been drivers of changes in the administrative or product delivery processes? And to achieve these changes, the vast majority, they ask us to present a new flow of operations.

Due to lack of time, or due to lack of knowing this simple technical detail, important changes that could mean increased sales, end in nothing. With the Flowdia Diagrams application, the detail of not managing activity flow or making diagrams will not be an obstacle. Since this application allows you to make these schemes in a matter of minutes, with surprising ease and also, for free.

  1. GoalMeter

GoalMeter is an application that will allow you to monitor your goals. You can set yourself different goals such as losing x number of pounds or gaining x amount of money. It also allows you to track each of the objectives that you have written in the application.

You will know what your goal is, what situation you are in, and how long you have to go to reach your goal.

  1. Puncher Success Journal

With the Puncher app, you will have the opportunity to rate it at the end of the day. If you did well, badly or more or less, in each of the different categories that you assign. In relationships, sales, income, spirituality, etc.

If you have time, you can write details of how you felt about it and even attach pictures. And if you don’t have time, then you simply rate your day, with a little face. Essential to keep a feedback of our life.

  1. miMInd – Easy Mind

An application that allows you to make mind maps with ease. Special for those of us who are used to making mental maps. Very good for organizing ideas, even for making presentations. And for the preparation of our different reports and / or sales speeches.

  1. Mindly

Few applications end up making me fall in love as much as Mindly. And it is that, with its simple system of a central circle and several concentric circles, and then other circles below that branch. You will have the opportunity to organize your ideas in a very simple logical order. Main ideas, secondary ideas, and details of those secondary ideas are easily learned as you translate the concepts into this application.

Highly recommended.

  1. RAR

The vast majority of phones do not come with an option to unzip the files that arrive in .rar or .zip format (compressed folder). And in the daily life of the seller, many of the documents that we need, come to us in this format.

And in addition to many of the documents that we have to present to the different areas of the company, we also have to present them in this format. And if we can do it from the mobile phone, more than better.

  1. Rescue Time Management

Do you have the slight suspicion that you waste a lot of time in unnecessary conversations on WhatsApp, watching entertaining videos on YouTube or on Facebook? Get rid of your suspicions with this application. Rescue Time Management provides you with an accurate report of how much time you spend on each of the applications.

You will be surprised how much time you are wasting on social media. In addition, this application will allow and offer you a% productivity for the week, depending on how you have configured each of your applications as Very Productive, Low Productive or Entertainment.

  1. Daily Expenses 2

Like Expensify, Daily Expenses allows you to organize your personal finances. Keep track of your income and expenses. Make a sales budget and download your reports even in excel and pdf format.

I personally prefer this option to keep track of my daily expenses.

  1. Free Sales Manager

For those sellers who do not want to be so complicated, and only want to have a report of their sales, how much they have sold and to whom, and nothing else. I recommend the Sales Manager application, which is exactly what it does. I am sure that more than one person will find this simple and efficient application useful.

  1. Life Strategy

In business, we plan different strategies. We have sales strategies, marketing strategies, finance strategies, among others. but almost very few of us manage a life strategy.

And this application helps you to have a Life Strategy. It helps you to consider strategies in the area of ​​couple relationships, in the emotional area, in the spiritual area, in the intellectual area. And what you configure. Very good to develop ourselves integrally.

  1. ​​Exercises at Home – Without equipment

And precisely what we talked about in the previous section, to grow integrally, we cannot also neglect the health part, the physical part. And what this application will do is facilitate and propose different exercises that are easy to do, that can be done at home, and that do not need to go to the gym or use special equipment.

Recommended to maintain good health, since in most of the cases of the sellers, we lead a sedentary life.

  1. WhatsApp Business

Application that WhatsApp recently released and that is dedicated to companies, in a special way, implementing their WhatsApp marketing strategies. If you start to know and explore the details of this application, you will be one of the pioneers in exploiting this tool to attract more customers for your business as this method proved useful in bringing thousands of customers for nova city Islamabad

And here we come. There were still some applications in the pipeline. Now I would like to read you and know what applications you suggest. Please comment below and tell us what other applications you suggest and what helps sellers to improve their productivity.