5 B2B Video Marketing Strategies you must be using:

You should be making more videos if your target audience is other  businesses, and you are searching for approaches to upgrade your marketing tactics, As videos are expected to represent 82% of all traffic by 2022. people watch more video content.

You will find countless ways to create and use video if you look around online. but your B2B video marketing tactics should include atleast 5 strategies. All of those 5 are listen below:

1) Video ads:

Video advertisements can create more clicks than regular ads. This is because  something moving on the screen will create more attention than a basic picture or text advertisement. So, make a lot of video advertisements. However, ensure that you make a unique promotion for every platform. What works on YouTube or Adwords probably won’t work on a network like facbook for example.

According to Jay Eckert Founder and CEO of Parachute Design Group Inc “People are engaging with Video Content or Video Advertisements more because it is time saving and much more entertaining and easier to understand than written content”

Numerous stages even let you retarget video views. So you can exploit this and retarget video watchers with video ads. They like watching organic video content, so they may like your video advertisement too.

According to Simonas Steponaitis from Zyro “Include embedded videos or video ads in your blog posts that have the keyword used in their names/descriptions. This could just be your commentary on the article”


interviews are another excellent method to support your audience and build relationships simultaneously. You can discover what kinds of inquiries your audience needs answers to and afterward welcome experts on the topic and interview them.

This can be a weekly thing. You can either ask the inquiries your viewers need answers to beforehand or you can make this a live video and get them to ask the inquiries live.

3) Case studies:

Written case studies can help drive plenty of deals and build your brand, But there will also be some skeptics who will think the case studies are fake. This is the reason you should make more video case studies instead. In video case studies you welcome individuals who bought your item/ or  utilized your service and interview them.

You first start off by asking them about what their business and life were before they utilized your product and afterward talk about how it got better after you bought and used your product. You also should reveal real numbers that shows the results.

4) Webinars:

Webinars are one of the most well known types of B2B advertising as they can create both leads and deals. So, organize a webinars every now and then. People love attending since they are live.Webinars can also achieve conversion rates upto 20%

But ensure that you have a well arranged out webinar funnel to take advantage of it. This should incorporate a lead generation and promotion stage, the webinar presentation itself and the email follow up phase.

5) Screen recording:

You need to be creating screen recordings demonstrating how your product can be used if you run a Saas company that targets other businesses. These videos should to be a blend of problem solving and promotional videos. These promotional videos can be demo video that gives an overview about what the tool does. While the problem solving videos can demonstrate a solution of the problems your audience is facing.