All About Acrylic Nail Kits

The world of beauty truly hit a milestone with the invention of acrylic nail press-on kits. With different colors, designs, and sizes, these acrylic nail kits make your hands look pretty without having to make a trip at the nail salon.

The best acrylic nail kit would be one that is made with the best quality and can be applied at home in the most convenient way possible. With quality level adhesive, the press on acrylic nail kits come in the following ways possible:

  • Square shaped
  • Stilleto shaped
  • Coffin shaped.

These nails can even be further decorated with different nail paints, glitters, stickers, and more.

These press-on acrylic nail kits come with their own nail shaper and buffer. So you can trim and style your nails according to your whims and fancies with no issues!

When the acrylic nail kits hit the market in the 80s and the 90s, they weren’t made with the best quality products. This, in turn, harmed the nails. But this isn’t the case with the acrylic press-on nail kits that are available now as they are made with better quality products that allow the nails to breathe and are not toxic to the environment in any way.

These kits help in creating nails for ourselves that are mess-free and look the most natural. These nails even feel lighter as compared to the nails you get done in the salon.

These kits are also a great option for gifting your friends and families as everyone loves a smart, affordable, and convenient way to get their nails done without having to shell out money at the nail salon.

These acrylic press-on nails can last for a good 2 to 3 weeks.