All the right reasons why you need Corgis in your life

Most of us love pets and love raising them. Pets are our source of love care and affection and some of us treat them as if they were our own siblings but you have to be sure if you can actually take care of an animal because it comes with a lot of huge responsibility that not many can fulfil. Hence you need to firstly learn the right ways to take care of puppies and then adopt one.

Puppies are so cute and adorable no matter what breed they belong to however corgi puppies are especially so attractive and are commonly adopted as pets too. Corgis are actually very lively and active puppies. However they were initially bred for livestock so in order to shed their excess fat you need to make sure to incorporate daily exercise in their routines. You have to make sure to take proper care for them and make them live happily.

Here are some tips to help you take great care of your corgi puppy

  • In order to avoid Corgis from gaining weight which they tend to easily you need to introduce them to daily exercise.
  • If Corgis gain too much weight they tend to have spinal cord problems which is why you need to subject them to a healthy diet.
  • So their day routine should consist of a proper diet and a lot of exercise as well.
  • One good thing is that Corgis are clean puppies so you don’t need to bathe them often.
  • They shed all the year so it is recommended to brush them once a week just to remove the dead hair.
  • Corgis have very fragile backs so you have to treat them with proper care especially if you want to pick them up so you need to do it properly.
  • Don’t allow the Corgis to run up and down and to jump too much because that can hurt their backs.
  • Except their fragile backs overall Corgis are healthy canines.

Some additional not known tips about taking care of Corgis are:

  • Corgis should also be introduced to some outdoor activities and games hence you can introduce that to them.
  • Corgis love playing in the water and should be allowed to do so.
  • Corgis require ear care because they have drop ears as babies which become upright eventually.
  • They are also prone to a few health issues like canine hip dysplasia or intervertebral disc disease.
  • You can use some mental games to stimulate the minds of the Corgi such as placing their food on a Buster Cube rather than a food bowl.
  • Some good workout exercises should be introduced in their regime. Fetch the ball or jogging or even brisk on leash are some important exercises that you can make your puppy do

Corgis can just add the love and happiness that has been missing in you life and can make you feel all the more happy and wanted. Hence it is a good decision if you plan in introducing a pet unto your life to not feel lonely and depressed.