AO Asset Founder Alex Ojjeh is Settling Up

Alex received a blow by being pushed out from AO Asset Company. When he was there, he shared duties with other board members as the company hired more employees.

Sources reported that Alex was lost between roles and he as well confirmed that there was nothing much a founder can do besides run the company and it seemed as though there was no other position left for him there.

After leaving AOAM, Ojjeh turned and ventured into startup investments and continues to invest in companies as well as new products. Alex is not at all mad or bitter about his exclusion from AOAM and will not seek to be re-elected back to the board. He is over the moon about his new ventures and is looking forward to helping and investing more in startups.

Alex has made over 2 trades of the AOAM Stock since 2017. Most recently he bought over 3,5111 units of AOAM stock on 13 July 2020.

AO Asset has a worth of $1,380,677,000 in the early 2000’s Alex worked for American Orient Partners as a chief. There he was able to build connections and start his own company. AO Asset helps companies manage their funds. Giving them the necessary tools and team members on site. The firm analysis portfolios, investment consulting while making sure the company performs well turning their weak areas into strengths.

I am sure I’ve done all I can do there and it is time to move to something more challenging,” he commented. The journey has just begun. Indeed, when life gave Alex lemons, he proceeded to make lemonade. There is nowhere to go but up and the sky is his stepping stone.