Audi R8 and RS Q8 Availability in UAE

UAE is popular not only due to tourists’ attraction but also due to the presence of luxurious cars. Business visitors usually rent a car for attending their meetings. The ever-increasing number of tourists and business travelers has increased the demand for automobiles in Dubai.

Elite class people often set competition and rush toward buying the latest vehicles. Luxurious cars are seeking more buyers’ attention at present. Many companies are launching new luxurious motorcars having additional updated features. Audi vehicles are one of the best automobiles in the UAE.

Are Audi vehicles perfect for you?

Yes, of course. Audi cars are perfect for anyone. Audi vehicles are distributed by Al Nabooda Automobiles in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. It has recently launched a new vehicle i.e., Audi RS Q8. Audi RS Q8 is considered as the latest version of the Audi R8.

Audi RS R8 is the recent addition to RS range due to the high performance of the Ingolstadt brand. Furthermore, this launch also depicts the performance flagship of the Audi Q product line.

Audi R8

Audi R8 in the second generation launched out 4 years ago. In the previous year, this automobile has modified and got a facelift. Now, the latest version with a rear-wheel-drive has been released.

The body style of the Audi R8 automobile is a 2-door coupe. Its weight is approximately 1670-1735kg. It has an engine of the latest version that is 5.2V10 RWD. This engine works for better performance of the car.

This vehicle usually runs at 320 KPH speed when a power of 540 horsepower is supplied to it. It burns about 12.7 liters of fuel per 100km. You will enjoy the drive of this luxurious car due to its fast speed, easy handling, comfy cabin, and decent rear visibility.

The average price of this car is AED 567,000. The sharpened and updated features of this vehicle are visible. It has a single frame radiator grille fitted in it with a flatter and wider line. Large air inlets of the Audi R8 is divided by thick bars.

There are luggage compartments on both the front and back sides. To ensure the vehicle’s safety, airbags and electronic nannies are included in it.  Despite its huge comforts, some people don’t buy it because of its high price, poor booting space, and unavailability of a manual gearbox option.

Audi RS Q8

These luxurious automobiles often work for car lease Dubai services. To maintain RS credentials of the company, RS Q8 is energized by a 4-liter V8 engine. This engine works best for 800Nm torque and 600 horsepower.

It has been proven to be an economic vehicle as the fuel burnt is 12.1 liters per 100km. Its maximum pace is 250 kilo power hour. Irrespective of the large SUV car, it handles almost 0-100 kilo power hour sprint in only 3.8 seconds.

This car is present at the average cost of AED 735,000. More colors have been added to the latest version. Two recent colors in the paint range of the Audi RS Q8 are Ascari Blue and Kemora Gray.

Not only the Audi vehicles are present on sale in the new version but also used in rent a car services. If you want to buy this luxurious car and you can’t afford a brand new, you can buy a used car. The number of used automobiles is in the sale.

The used cars are present on sale from the starting price of AED 650,000. The average sale charges of a used Audi car is AED 664,500. However, these prices vary depending upon the internal condition of the vehicle and the working of the engine.

Many other automobiles of Audi and other companies are on sale. If you are not easy with car lease Dubai, you should buy your luxury car at a budget-friendly price.

Explore new destinations on the Dubai trip with your new fast-moving luxurious Audi RS or RS Q8 vehicle.