Beginners Guide to enter in Crypto Trading Strategies 2021

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Cryptocurrency Trading

High lightness, price changes, pumps and dumps, exit fraud, dodgy stock exchanges, and limited regulatory supervision make profitable crypto trading only interesting for risk-taking, qualified and level-headed traders who make massive profits, especially in bull markets. You have learned a tale or two regarding her for sure.

This guide will give you the most popular cryptocurrency trading tactics that you can use for your cryptocurrency trades right away.

Technical Analysis (Ta)

If you need to get into crypto selling, you should learn the basics of technical analysis. While looking at the charts, drawing lines, and identifying key price levels may seem silly at first, it’s one of the best tools available to you, and it’s certainly better than having nothing.

If you are familiar with the Forex and stock markets, you will know what we are speaking about. But unlike Forex and Stocks, wherever key levels and prices pretty much follow established technical analysis methods, the Wild West frontier of crypto trading is significantly more rebellious. Price moves are much more volatile, markets move quickly, and are more prone to price manipulation. Therefore. Must adapt the knowledge you bring with you from other needs to cryptography through your own experience, lessons, quick and decisive action, and appropriate risk management methods.

Even if it seems complicated, crypto trading combined with appropriate TA methods can lead to many highly profitable opportunities. If you are intelligent and vigilant about your trading and strategy, you are likely to have fun and a good ride.

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies For Beginners

Strategy # 1: Hodl

Hodl is an effective long-term crypto trading strategy for every beginner. It requires the least amount of trading skills and experience, and literally, anyone can.

The famous name Hodl comes from the misspelled word “hold.” It was coined in December 2013 after Game Kyuubi’s. The heart belief of the Hod crypto trading strategy is to buy a cryptocurrency with potential and keep it safe for a long time in hopes of selling it for later. Selling can come after a year, a couple of years, or even a decade.

For such a strategy to work, you need to know how to buy a cryptocurrency and keep it safe. Most Hodlers use cold storage such as paper purses or hardware devices such as Ledger or Trezor.

However, the Hodl strategy also has its disadvantages. First of all, there is no guarantee that your wealth will increase in value. The project can break down, the network can fail or have other problems, or there may be better alternatives in the future. Second, you could lose your private keys, so keeping the keys safe is a priority.

Last but not most limited, there is no point in sitting out the cryptocurrency boom and bust cycles if you don’t take profits with you. For example, if you purchased bitcoin for about $ 2,000 in 2017, held it up to $ 20,000, and didn’t sell a bit in the process, you missed a significant chance of making an additional $ 10,000 ++ as the price has been falling back is to retest $ 3,000.

Of course, it might be challenging to spot sudden, exuberant moves. Still, it’s excellent business even if you’re selling at $ 10,000 or so. Every primary crypto bull market has had a nearly 80% return, making it a breeze not to cash in when there is a chance.

Plus, you can continually reinvest your profits once the market has bottomed out. Yes, the long-term game is still in the foreground here, but don’t forget to take profits whenever possible or at least after significant price rises. It’s an intelligent way to stay liquid and reward yourself for the wise choices you have made. Just holding on, not taking profits tends to lead people to unnecessarily irrational decisions. The value of 0.001 BTC to USD is 38.97$.Bitcoin gives an expert method for moving money over the web and is constrained by a decentralized organization with a straightforward arrangement of rules, in this way introducing an option in contrast to national bank-controlled fiat cash.

All of this points us to the following strategy – swing trading.

Strategy # 2: Swing Trading

To be great at swing trading, you need to be somewhat familiar with the basics of technical analysis. It will help you observe the markets and develop a sixth sense of significant price action.

Swing trading is on taking the top step at the appropriate time. The aim is easy – to get as much profit as possible during the swings of the crypto market. Regardless of whether prices are going up or down, you are always trying to capture part of a potential price movement.

For example, suppose you have an open $ 5000 position on Bitcoin when the market is going up. In that case, you want to hedge it up (e.g., convert into USDT) just before the market reverses, to buy back down for a short time (change your USDT again in BTC), increasing the size of your position.

Successful swing traders try to capture some of the expected movement and then permanently move on to the next opportunity, but that can also mean they are only making multiple trades per week.

The key to this is setting specific entry points before each trade, stopping losses, taking profits, and sticking to them. Aiming for a $ 100-200 profit per move is fine as long as the time returns outweigh the risks. In some cases, the market can signal $ 1000 moves, but they are tough to catch with 100% accuracy. Hence, securing profits by increasing your stop losses should be a priority in profitable swing trading.

Strategy # 3: day trading

Day traders make a living from cryptocurrency trading and spend most of their time trading. Whether it’s buying or selling assets, trading on margins, or exchanging perpetual contracts, they make a dozen different trades every day in hopes of catching good price movements. The rewards can be immense and a little challenging for beginners – especially if you know little about technical and fundamental analysis or have little experience with the markets. It can be months or even years of losses before you become a profitable day trader.

In the crypto market, day traders have to stick to the charts and closely follow price movements. Be prepared to cut losses, break-even trades, and switch your biases often to avoid bull or bear traps and losses. As a day trader, you have to get used to the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency price and make a living from it, no matter in which direction the market moves. There is also a counter-trade at its turning point for every price move – an excellent opportunity to enlarge your pockets.

Day trading is about making quick, sharp decisions designed to minimize your risk exposure and maximize your profits. Of course, no trader is always 100% right, so be prepared to close positions even if you lose significant amounts of money. Learn to identify potential levels of support and resistance, get back into your trades at the right time, set goals and tight stop-losses, and sooner or later. You will graduate from the Crypto Day Trading University.