Benefits of an online examination system

We all have been affected by this pandemic that is going on around the world. It has intensely affected the type of lifestyle we used to live a couple of months ago and has forced us to adopt the new one which is obviously for our better. The most important change which has come to us is the change of all most all types of systems into internet-based systems. No doubt people used to rely on the online platform also but now in this situation they have to completely rely on this. This has led to the enforcement of the online examination system in almost all the fields of education as well as the corporate sector for new hiring.

Many of the new companies are coming forwards with these online examination systems that have enabled the students to give exams just by sitting at their homes. Now, this system is considered to be the best and the safest way to conduct exams of the students of any class. In this situation of a pandemic, the student’s time should not be wasted at any cost. So this online examination system has become the mode for the students and the educational institutes to carry out the procedures through this system.

Here is the list of benefits of the online examination system. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Security of examination paper: While conducting an exam through this system, there is a lot of security provided to the questions that are being asked in the exam. The system makes sure that the questions that are installed in the system are provided to the students in a shuffled manner so that it reduces the chances of cheating. As in the paper and pen examination, there are a lot of chances that the question paper can get leaked or many other types of malpractices can be done by the students while giving the exam. So this reduces the chances of all the malpractices that can be done during the pen-paper examination.
  • Quick result processing: In the online examination system the results are provided to the students instantly. While conducting pen paper-based exams it to use to take a lot of time to evaluate the results of the student. This can also cause a lot of human errors while conducting the examinations. So it is better to go with the online examination systems as it provides quick instant and accurate results.
  • No need of examination centres: With the usage of the online examination system, there is no need to make the examination centres. For taking exams of the student, the exam centre, and their infrastructure involved much. To conduct the exam there, they need to have teachers that will keep an eye on the students giving the exam. But with the use of the online examination system, the exams are conducted through an online proctoring system. And there is no requirement of separate infrastructure for conducting exams.
  • Reduce logistics cost: In the pen and paper-based examination system there, it involved high logistics costs. One university or an educational board can conduct exams in many parts of the country. For the examination, the educational institute has to deliver the question papers and the answer sheets where ever the exam is conducted. Not only this for offline examination their requirement of proper staff that will help in conducting in the best possible manner. But in the online examination system, there is no such requirement of anything that is why it is rightly said that the logistics cost is reduced to a great extent.
  • Compatible for subjective exams: Some people think that the online examination system is only successful for the objective type exam. But this myth is not true, even with the help of advancement in technology even subjective exams can be conducted in the best possible way. Students can write their answers in their language, they can also upload diagrams that can be related to their answer. In this way, there is no requirement of sending the answer sheets to the teacher for evaluation. After giving an exam the answer sheets are uploaded in the system and by logging in the system the teacher can easily evaluate it.
  • Reduced examination fees: Earlier the educational institutes used to charge extra examination fees every time the student appears for the exam. But now the examination charges are there but they are very less in comparison to pen and paper-based examination. So, it can be concluded that the online examination system is highly affordable, feasible, and easy to conduct examination even in such a pandemic situation.
  • Remote supervision: Online exams are conducted with the help of the auto surveillance mode, where the webcam is connected to the student with the system. The system while in the exam can take the images of the student. The online examination system is inbuilt with the artificial intelligence that will continuously keep an eye on the behaviour of the student. In case it finds any problem in the behaviour of the student, it can stop the exam of the student. On the other hand, in the pen and paper-based examination, the examination committee has to appoint invigilators on every set number of students.
  • Question paper generation: Designing the question paper via the online examination system is much easier than that of the pen and paper-based examination system. These digital exams help in reducing the use of papers and even the questions in the paper once installed can be jumbled in N number of ways. This way it reduces the chances of cheating in the exam.

These are some of the benefits of the online examination system. It is very much sure that this system is truly the future of the education system. This system has helped the educational institutes in conducting exams and also in saving the precious year of student’s study. Even this system is being used by the organization who want to recruit new people in the company but taking their aptitude tests via this system and after that calling them for the video interview.