BITPATT: The exceptional Cryptocurrency marketplace

Cryptocurrency trading has come to stay.  It entails the act of buying and selling coins via an exchange and involves the trading of digital currencies. Trading in general and online trading in particular has been challenged by trust; where to find reliable platforms to effectively conclude transactions. Exchanges bring their own steep learning curve as one needs to come to terms with the technology adopted as well as learn how to make sense of the data. BITPATT was created to address these challenges.

Located in Canada and owned by Finest Link Communications, Inc, Bitpatt provides a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency escrow service, an easy and secure platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency from all around the world. By providing an escrowed service, they resolve the trust issue by ensuring that exchange is effectively concluded, with all parties receiving due benefits.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency has never been easier!! With simplified platform, BITPATT provide trouble-free services backed by System and user account security, safe cold cryptocurrency storage, Financial viability, and profound legal compliance.

To enjoy the service, users are required to register and open an account with BITPATT. Digital assets are also expected to be deposited before the commencement of trading. Withdrawals by traders of their digital assets is as easy as stated. BITPATT users are allowed to create offers to buy or sell cryptocurrency with fiat currency of their choice. Offer’s creator can write their own terms which a requesting user must adhere to.

BITPATT offers the lowest fees within this space, with a trading fee of 0.5% of the total trading value, payed by the offer’s creator. A 20% trade commission is also offered for referrals which significantly reduces cost for traders. What a great offer this is.

As an exchange, BITPATT’s service includes an exceptional dispute resolution package. BITPATT support mediates and resolves disputes within 24hrs when either of the party involved in the trade clicks the dispute button.

BITPATT comes with an easy to use platform, providing superlative services to traders. Trading has never been easier. A user-friendly interface where buying and selling is a delightful experience.

Are you tired of high cost of trading? Do you need an exchange that is concerned with your growth while still providing great services, BITPATT is the exchange to be. Their very reliable site and easy to trade interface ensures you reap huge returns.

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