Confused between Hair Straightener Vs. Hair Dryer? [Solved!]

“Should I use a hair straightener & hair dryer together?”


Never try this hap-hazard on your hair or anyone’s hair.

It will damage your hair to an extent from where it will take a longer time to bring your natural hair back!

However, it becomes easy to use any one of them at a time. But with proper care.

Apply serum then start straightening or hair drying your hair.

But the main query remains intact:

‘What to use Hair straightener or Hair Dryer?’

You will get a clear solution to this question in this article. So, without evaporating time, let’s begin with the descriptions we have for you.

Is a Hair Dryer or Hair Dryer safe to use?

The simplest answer to this question is:

No, it is not safe if you overuse it!

If you are using it correctly, the chances of high damage to your hair decreases.

Meanwhile, it’s never zero!

However, almost everyone uses it to style up their hair to look beautiful and trendy.

So, let’s see to what extent you can use it.

What is the temperature that your hair can handle?

If we consider normal temperature that is required to style up your hair:

  • It’s 180 degrees Celsius for normal hair.
  • And 200 degrees Celsius for thick hair.

Higher temperatures will damage your hair soon!

However, we always worry about your well-being, so we suggest that heating products should not be used regularly.

Your hair can tolerate the occasional use of heating and styling products.

So, if you are planning to purchase it, buy it now, but don’t use it on a regular basis.

What makes Hair Straightener a worthy pick?

With a hazard in your mind that your hair is going to be a little bit damaged if you choose a hair straightener, here are some advantages you will get:

  • You will get to style up your hair to silky, smooth, and straight hair whenever you want.
  • It’s easily portable and so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Makes your hair look shiny and perfect for some time.

However, with pros, it has a huge con that it will damage your hair quality.

Despite knowing this, people still use it regularly. It has been a part of many homes for ages.

So, if you are planning to buy one hair straightener, go for it.

It will not harm your hair until and unless used recklessly. Moreover, we can also help you with a simple guide on ‘how to curl hair through hair straightener?

This guide will help you to curl your hair without the curling machine. Your hair straightener will work as your hair curling partner as well.

Furthermore, straight hair can easily take any style you want on your hair. So, get a hair straightener without any second thought but be careful while using it.

What makes a Hair Dryer a worthy pick?

If you are choosing a hair dryer over a hair straightener, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Additionally, you have to follow all steps that you follow while using a hair straightener as well.

Here are some pros that you gift yourself by acquiring a hairdryer:

  • Get through the wet and frizzy hairs in seconds.
  • You can dry up your drippy hair in no time.
  • No need of wrapping a towel around your head for a longer time.

But the chances of it not damaging your hair are never zero. If you keep on overusing it, your hair might turn greyish.

Also, you might witness an increase in hair fall and break or tangling into others.

You can easily save your hair from being much damaged by applying serum and before drying.

After that take a comb and start the hairdryer and style your hair as per your mood.

Warning: If you do not know how to use it, prefer a professional’s help. And also do not burn your hair while drying.

Hair Dryer or Hair Straightener- Which one to pick?

We hope that the above information has already helped you to find the best for you.

Furthermore, if you are still in confusion, DON’T WORRY!

We have a clear solution for this question. Here’s what we suggest you:

  • If you are just using the machine to dry your wet hairs, go for a hairdryer.
  • If you want to straighten your hair, go for a hair straightener.

There are pros and cons of both these products.

We can also suggest that you can buy both and keep them with you. Use the one that suits the situation.

In the above-given links, you will easily find the best amongst the top 7 products. You can get the best hair straightener from the 7 best hair straighteners.

Ending Words:

Last but not the least, you should avoid using heating products daily.

You can use it a maximum of twice a week. But still, your hair will face some damage. So, do not forget to apply natural hair masks, oil, and massage your scalp.

Regular care of your hair will expose them to less damage and more healthiness.

For more articles alike, stay tuned with us!