Consider these Factors to Choose Best Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are one of the most used kitchen appliances in India. I would say it’s difficult to assume the kitchen without a mixer grinder. Here we explained what are the factors we should consider choosing the mixer grinder.

Some important factors. While choosing the best mixer grinder in India are Wattage, RPM, Jars, Safety, Design, Blades, Brands, etc.


RPM means rotations per minute. Also defines the power of the motor. The higher the number of rotations, the faster your grinding happens. You should at least consider the 18,000 rpm cooking style.

Basically, RPM varies based on the speed you selected at the speed knob. In this article, RPM defines the maximum RPM that a mixer grinder can output. Always choose the best RPM or highest number of RPM so that it can grind mixed or more integrands in a single run.

Number of Jars

Typically, a simple mixer grinder comes with two different types of jobs. One is used for wet grinding and the other issues for hard and dry grinding. These two jars are of different sizes. Basically, the wet food processing jar is bigger compared to the dry food processing jar.

Jars are one of the most important aspects of the mixer grinder. Always go with the higher number of Jars which can actually solve you the purpose. Some low-cost mixers will not be provided with juicer jars. Always seek a minimum of 3 jars to a maximum of 5 years.


Safety is the main aspect of any kitchen home appliances. For mixer grinders, overload protection, safe power cables, cut out, earthing, etc.

Some manufacturers can compromise in quality to reduce the price or to keep the competitive price with the market competitors. This can be dangerous in the longer run.

The Overload protection feature is the most important feature that any mixer grinder to have this stops your mixer grinder motor from a heavy load on the mixer grinder.


Wattage defines the power of the mixer grinder higher the wattage, the more power your mixer grinder possesses. For any Indian home for Indian types of cooking 500 to 750 wattage should be enough. Check more detail on Bestwattage

Higher wattage can support Harder items to grind in a faster period of time.


When it comes to design, a mixer grinder should have a handy small sleek slim without any sharp corners, and easy to handle. Mixer grinder can vary from person to person. What I always prefer to go with white and less preferable for black as it needs frequent cleaning.


Blades are one of the most important things to consider in a mixer grinder. A stainless steel dry grinding blade is used to grind different food items into powders like rice sugar, masalas, various solid items to the powder items.

Steel wet grinding blade is used to mix eggs, food processing, buttermilk, batter, Juice, etc.


Though most of the mixer grinders will follow the above factors. But it’s always smart enough to choose from the topmost brands. Some of the best mixer grinder brands available in the market are Bajaj, Preeti, Philips, Butterfly, prestige, etc.

Hope you have understood what are the factors that are needed to consider while choosing the best mixer grinder in India.