Coronavirus Recession

Businesses collapse, and shopping malls are ghost towns. The novel coronavirus pandemic has torpedoed businesses worldwide. This pandemic emerged as a massive crisis for small and big businesses alike. The novel COVID-19 pandemic caused a global economic shutdown.

Many US businesses have shut down permanently since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March 2020. Almost all the world countries have gotten affected by the novel virus, but one of the countries that got most affected is America. In the United States, the unemployment rate is at sixteen percent as of June 2020, says Brad Nakase, who is an employment lawyer and personal injury lawyer with the Nakase Law Firm.

Businesses getting affected due to virus in America: 

As the virus outbreak spread at a high rate throughout the country since March, the nation experienced a loss of almost 100,000 big and small businesses. The government of the United States of America ordered the businesses which they deemed non-essential to shut down to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread any more than it already did. Some businesses shut down due to the government’s orders, while others closed down because they ran out of the resources as the country observed lockdown. This order caused millions of workers to lose their jobs and forgo their wages. During this situation, many workers and laborers got help from employment lawyers who helped them make their unemployment case stronger.

The revival of businesses after the pandemic cools down: 

But, as the hassle created by this pandemic will cool down, many businesses might reopen, but they will face a hard time stabilizing themselves because the economy will be bruised. They will require paycheck protection and the government’s help for stabilizing themselves. To successfully go through these processes, the businesses and their staff will need the best labor law lawyer advice. A good labor lawyer can make the government processes easier.

The workers and businesses across the whole country suffered from the same situations which were brought upon them by the COVID-19. They practiced social distancing, SOPs, health recommendations, and other requirements. Some businesses like grocery stores and restaurants closed their in house service and relied only on take outs and delivery services. COVID didn’t shut down their business, but it cut their revenue in half by restricting their business endeavors. On the other hand, there are businesses like movie theaters, gyms,  and casinos that were utterly closed at first. When they were allowed to do business, they only had permission to cater only 50% public at one time to limit the spread of the virus.