Crypto + Celebrities promotions are the key for success

In 2021 cryptocurrency is something that everyone should be aware of. Cryptocurrency has made significant headlines through the years, with skyrocketing bitcoin values and dogecoin along with crypto celebrities such as Elon Musk, Snoop Dog, and Jake Paul. Since cryptocurrency values are fluctuating all the time, there is no telling where to invest. More cryptocurrencies are being developed every other day. Today there are over a thousand popular cryptocurrencies. For your cryptocurrency to get noticed and attract investors, there needs to be more awareness. This awareness can be achieved through marketing. There are several strategies to make sure a cryptocurrency gets noticed. With the help of Celebrities, a cryptocurrency can gain the attention that it needs. Through 2021, celebrities such as Elon Musk singlehandedly controlled the value of Dogecoin and Bitcoin. With millions of followers, a single post or tweet could skyrocket the price of bitcoin.

Top Crypto Celebrities can be a vital resource for a cryptocurrency to gain attention and investments. Apart from
celebrity endorsement There are other ways to market a cryptocurrency as well. These include billboard advertisements, social media campaigns which can prove to be very useful.

Celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is an integral part of crypto marketing. You can promote your cryptocurrency through celebrity posts. This can increase visibility, credibility, and popularity. Celebrities can vouch for the authenticity and potential of cryptocurrency by posting stories and posts with their picture or logo to promote the currency among their followers. This goes a long way since celebrities have a diverse following, which means people can view them from different parts of the world. Celebrities have a massive influence over the crypto market. They can influence a currency value by just tweeting about it. With millions of followers, they convince people to invest in a currency and skyrocket its price. As a result, many crypto investors regularly check social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. This is very beneficial when predicting the value of a cryptocurrency. For your currency to attract investors, having celebrity endorsement is very important. This draws investors towards your currency and helps with exposure. In the crypto marketing sector, LION ADV, a Miami-based company headed by Mirko Scarcella, an expert in Marketing, is well known.
thanks to it’s relationships, LION ADV has the opportunity to give visibility and credibility to crypto projects through the social media of celebrities with millions of followers. In addition to promoting celebrities, another advertisement that works a lot for crypto projects are Billboards, the most famous and known in the world.

Billboard promotions

Billboards are an important source of advertisement when drawing exposure towards your currency. With billboard ads being posted at some of the most important and influential billboards, your currency is bound to get attention. In addition, places such as Times Squares can have a huge impact on your currency, with pictures of billboards and locations. These add a very powerful meaning to the advertised product, especially among some of the biggest brands in the world.

Press release

Press releases are important for a company’s public announcements. Through these press releases, companies can make official announcements regarding anything. These can be about new products, changes, or projects.
PR is very important for communicating between communities and crypto businesses. Having a good PRR can help a company generate investors and provide opportunities for new business partners.
The best way to accomplish this is by targeting the audience you want to attract and assuring them through the press release. The other PR strategy would be to give away tokens to crypto communities or investors to draw attention.
This can help build confidence in your company and also give you popularity amongst the communities. Press releases are excellent for drawing media attention towards you and can help advertise your company. Through press releases, blog posts are generated, which are forwarded to hundreds of publications. In addition, these press releases are aired on televisions, online streaming channels, and social media live.

Internet articles

These articles are essential for gathering attention and spreading the word. Web articles help your project climb the ladder in Google’s search engine, which gives more exposure. The articles can be about the ongoing or new crypto projects of your company. These articles can be shared with many online newspapers, which countless people subscribe to.


Having an SEO-friendly website can go a long way with providing exposure. SEO is essential when it comes to both authenticity and content. This helps your products and blogs have a higher hierarchy online search engines. The more SEO-friendly, the more exposure it gains. SEO also gives you an upper hand over your competition. Since there are countless cryptocurrencies, the level of exposure will determine which gains more investors. An SEO-friendly website is probably the best way to start marketing the product. Having a marketing company that will have the resources to give you all the SEO help you require is very important. Researching the target market is essential when updating keywords that can attract crypto-related content. Having keywords that have low competition is also significant. The more unique keywords, the more exposure, and ranking you will gain.


Reputation and credibility is the most import part of marketing; this is where communities come in. following cryptocurrency communities is very important as it educates you on what your community wants. It can help make improvements and also maintain a good reputation. Cryptocurrency communities are all scattered across platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. These communities can provide a very detailed criticism and analysis about the currency and help give your advice. Many crypto enthusiasts and investors are writing on these communities. So for you to attract these investors and communities, it is important to learn what they are looking for.


Efficient merchandising is an important part of running a business. This can provide customers with an efficient way to make purchases. A high-quality system will waste no time when the order is received until it is booked for shipping. The e-commerce will be self-managed, and you will not have to worry about anything.

Crypto VS Tradition Marketing

Crypto marketing is very different from traditional marketing. When marketing a cryptocurrency, communities are created to maintain its reputation. This community helps build enthusiasts that play an important role when it comes to crypto reputation. Traditional marketing is comprised of selling a product and having brand exposure. These goals are very different from crypto marketing.


Having a marketing company that can assure you and provides you with everything you need is very important. However, marketing cryptocurrency is not as simple as selling a provide, so different methods are used.