EJECT, a Spark in the Defi Scam Darkness

The EJECT platform, set to be launched in the beginning of August 2021, is one of the most awaited projects of the year in the DeFi space.

Its developing team is planning, on launch date, to reveal their identity to a crowd of investors which has backed and believed in EJECT since inception.

Cryptocurrencies, especially “tokens” launched on any given Blockchain, often go through the development phase, requiring funding, marketing, and constant communication with the communities backing those projects.

To raise those funds, projects now host “presales” and “launches” where investors can back projects prior to their listing on an exchange. Unfortunately, that is where many investors are now victims of scams and frauds called “RugPulls”.

After self-proclaimed developers run away with hundreds of thousands of dollars, all that is left is investors robbed of their money, worried about investing in crypto, and forever scarred by the DeFi Space.

What has popularized these new coin offerings is a number of “coin ranking” websites, which have been created in the past few months and grew popular in the crypto community. Seasoned and even beginner investors will recognize names such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, and niche investors have most certainly heard of CoinHunt or Coinsniper.

However, what cannot be found on these platforms is.. certainty. Dozens of new Coins emerge everyday, and sadly, a majority of them are true scams.

EJECT.Space – Why The Shouting Need?

The EJECT platform seeks to help investors differentiate between risky and safe investments, and separate meme coins and more serious projects.

New coin offerings on the EJECT platform will have the opportunity to get the EJECT Verified stamp, which is a guarantee that these projects have been carefully reviewed by the EJECT team and deemed safe. EJECT also brings the social and community aspect so important to the world of crypto: each project will have it’s own comment and ratings section protected by anti-bot features, where users will interact based on a Karma system. EJECT’s proprietary ranking algorithm also ensures that the rightfully deserving projects are presented to the right audience at a given time.

Developing teams will be granted a wide array of options, such as communicating project developments to their followers in a Twitter-type feed, or constantly updating their information. Each individual project page will include live data from the coin (Market cap, price, etc.) as well as important links, and even the project roadmap and deadlines.

In the long run, EJECT aims to become a one stop shop for DeFi, where investors can not only follow and learn about a new project, but invest into it through the EJECT Platform.

A Kickstarter Type Crowdfunding Platform in the Defi Space

Phase 2 of the platform, planned for the end of Q3 2021, will allow investors to directly participate in Pre-sales. The EJECT launchpad will impose rigorous restrictions on developing teams, and aims to become the most secure crowdfunding platform in the DeFi space. Competing indirectly with BSC launchpad, EJECT’s real competitors will be the likes of DxSale and Unicrypt. These two platforms allow any project, with no restrictions, to initiate a coin offering, and the former has been the sole cause of thousands of people losing money to scammers, and millions of dollars to be stolen from unsuspecting innocent investors.

The EJECT community can be found on Telegram. EJECT is a truly community-driven project, which has found its roots with a large number of believers, all committed to seeing improvements in the DeFi environment, and who have participated and supported the development of this one of a kind platform. Set on cleansing the fraud-filled DeFi environment, reminiscent of the early days of Crypto, EJECT is coming soon.

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