Everything You Should Know About a Café Racer Jacket

What is Cafe Racer? You would be hard-pressed to find a piece of clothing that carries as much heritage, attitude, and un-tethered masculinity as much as the Café Racer Jacket.

The Café Racer Jacket isn’t just known for its functionality for those who ride a motorcycle but has become a must-have leather accessory that has up till now stood the test of time. It is synonymous with the cool-guy wardrobe along with pilots and punks, and a well-thought-out wardrobe is incomplete without it.

The Origin: What’s Unique about a Café Racer jacket?

Café Racer jackets have a lush history that gives it the much-earned ‘bad boy’ vibe that has become associated with leather jackets. The jacket was birthed in the 1960s in England, where those returning from World War II would let loose by racing their bikes between cafes and pubs for some fun. The high-speed racing led to the invention of this minimalistic racer leather jacket where they could race with something that’s warm without any of the fancy bells and whistles. This is the reason you’ll find many calling it a Motorcycle Leather Jacket.

Initially, the jackets were made of horse leather (though, we now also have ones made in cowhide leather) with a strong zipper that provided extra protection to the speed maniacs. Later it was developed into a ‘Leather Racing Shirt’ by the Schott Brothers, which came at the price of only $28.95.

The Café Racer Jacket today

The Café Racer jacket has evolved according to the needs of the new generation, where the look is the same with a snap tab color or a round neck. The material, though, is now varied since horse leather is expensive and neither environmental nor budget-friendly. The stuff used nowadays is generally cheaper and durable. The fitting and styling are centered on providing you with extreme comfort that gives smooth riding experiences along with classic vibes that are hard to beat.

How to choose a Café Racer Jacket?

There are certain elements of this piece that should be considered while choosing one. They may all look the same with minimal price differences but knowing what you should look for will help you end up with a product that’s worthy of your investment for a long time to come.

What makes the best Café Racer Jacket?

The main aspect of choosing a Café Racer jacket is the leather quality. Although their beauty is fitting snugly and feeling like a second skin, they should have enough give for movement. If you are buying one online, then take your measurements precisely to ensure a perfect fit. Most jackets need some time to stretch out, so don’t be disappointed if the jacket feels a bit tight when first put on. Here are 4 more real leather qualities that you should look out for:

Top grain: this is most typically used in leather jackets and comes in second to the highest leather quality. Many people prefer it over all others mainly due to its stain resistance and durability.

Full-grain: this is the best quality leather your money can buy with no flaws, cotton soft, and luxuriant feels. However, it comes with an obvious hefty price tag, but it will last you a lifetime if you’re willing to take this dent in your budget.

Genuine leather: genuine leather is often mistaken as the authentication of price, but it does not connote the quality in any way. It is made up of leftovers of the more expensive leather making it real leather.

Correct grain: these jackets are made from leather that has been corrected in some way, including embossing a grain pattern on it or sanding it down to remove flaws.

How do you wear a Café Racer Jacket?

It is not just enough to own a Café Racer jacket without the knowledge of styling it to a T. Confused about how to wear a cafe racer? Here are top 4 ways in which you can show off your style.

  • Black jacket with a white T-shirt

Going classic is always the apparent choice. Pair your black leather jacket with a white T-shirt and black jeans. You can enhance the look with sunglasses and a wristwatch. This look is a hit at all casual appearances or for a more fun night out on the town.

  • Complement black original leather jacket with brown

The contrast of brown and black is often overlooked, but it is a style that is unmatched by all others. A tan Café Racer jacket paired with an overall black outfit gives a dynamic expression that can be worn to parties, after-work dinners, and as a comfortable outfit for a day of commuting.

  • Muffler and jeans

The buttoned collar of the racer jacket gives off a thrilling and exciting vibe when paired with a muddler or scarf. The casual look completed with jeans and sunglasses is one that can be pulled off by anyone and can be tailored for any season of the year.

  • Black jacket over casual/formal outfits

The versatility of the black Café Racer jacket is undeniable since it can be worn over your denim shirt in the winter along with grey jeans to set off a sophisticated look. It can also be styled to achieve a more formal look with a white dress shirt and black pants. Everyone needs an option of styles for every occasion, and these minimalistic looks are ideal for any situation.

Final Thoughts about a Cafe Racer Leather Jackets

The Café Racer jacket is an integral part of all wardrobes and knowing how to style it with the class makes all the difference. Though these can be costly sometimes, you can still find cheap leather jackets online. So don’t wait any longer; pick out a jacket and rock your confidence for all to hear!