Fashion Coronavirus Chronicle: What You Should Learn from Naomi Campbell to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Last year, supermodel Naomi Campbell published a video where she showed how to protect oneself from possible viruses in flight. Obviously, she could not help but respond to the increasing threat of becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Last week, Naomi Campbell posted several photos from Los Angeles Airport on which she is captured in a medical face mask and protective suit, as well as in a cashmere coat with lamb leather trimming which she put on above the suit.

This photo was actively discussed by Instagram users. The model has become almost a symbol of the fight against coronavirus in the world, although many people condemned the celebrity in the comments to the photo, saying that such a dangerous pandemic is not the right time to hype on the fashionable images, especially when protective equipment is already in short supply.

One of Campbell’s followers expressed her concerns in the comments: “O God! I hope this is not a blanket from the plane, but your personal thing. At the airport, they often pay little attention to dry cleaning!” But the model responded to the comment: “It’s mine, and it’s already in the airport garbage.”

So, nothing is left of this fashionable image! After all, as it turned out, not only the protective suit was a subject to disposal but also the luxury cashmere Burberry coat, which Naomi put on during the flight. The cost of the protective suit that Campbell purchased on Amazon is only $16. And according to the official website of the famous Burberry brand, the cost of Naomi’s coat is $2,790. But the price does not matter when health is at stake. After all, good health is of paramount importance in the modern world. And a thing that can improve general well-being is true love, so if you still do not have a significant other, find singles and start building a romantic relationship!

Nowadays, Naomi Campbell has canceled her participation in all planned public events. Moreover, the model asked her fans not to neglect their health and heed the advice of the World Health Organization. A chronicle of current events has proven that people should not be casual about coronavirus. In addition, there are already a lot of famous people stricken with this disease. Therefore, it is not surprising that Naomi decided to play it safe and threw away all the things she was dressed in during the flight. By the way, the discussions about Naomi’s appearance thoroughly tired the model out, and in the end, Campbell has closed the comments to her photos from the airport.

While at the same time, Naomi has already managed to share new pictures from a walk with her godson in New York. The rhythm of life, which has already changed significantly due to the pandemic disease, prompted Campbell to philosophical meditations, and the model has written on her Instagram:

“I can’t remember the last time I stood on a street in New York without thinking where I need to be within the next 30 minutes. I thought about the difficulties that we encountered, and it seemed to me that Mother Nature was waking up again. I will not hide that when I first thought that I needed to stay in the same place for some time, I got nervous.

But now, I’m finding out what it means to put my life on hold and to think of people around me and the actions that I commit. Over the past few days, I spent a lot of time at home in isolation with my loved ones. I cooked, cleaned up, spoke on the phone, bought food, read books, slept, listened to music, and walked along the promenade in the fresh air. And day after day, I got wise to all these simple things, simple pleasures in my life that make me really happy.

We should learn to appreciate every moment of life. I hope you all remain strong, united, and positive as much as you can. Hold the fort, we’ll get over it! Lots of love, Naomi.”