Features of commercial block of Lahore Smart City

What is the Lahore Smart city Project?

Like Smart City Islamabad, this is also a real estate development project that comes with a hundred percent guaranteed luxurious lifestyle at an affordable rate. It deals with residential as well as commercial blocks. This mega project aims at bringing to your doorstep a standard living style; beautiful sceneries, breathtaking locations that too in a limited budget.

Commercial district of Lahore Smart City

As residential blocks are already under booking process and owners of  Lahore Smart City have quite a success in it now they have spread the knowledge about commercial block of the housing society. Given below are the commercial blocks and their features which you can enjoy in these block.

China Village:  More than just a tourist attraction, China village is a commercial hub. There dwell all sorts of natural beauty; from dancing fountains to crystal water lakes and gigantic shopping malls.  In addition to this, education remains a top priority in China Village, health care systems are competitive enough with highly equipped facilities. This reminds me of Plato’s ideal state, a place where education is not a distant dream,

Yes, in Lahore Smart city, we try to build an ideal state that of Plato, everything in its right place.

Financial Square:  A lot number of banks, financial institutions, apartments for long and short term stay, don’t forget the five-star hotels and the conference rooms to accommodate your daily meetings are designed to facilitate you at the very best in Smart city Lahore.

Aviation Village: If you are a business-driven enthusiast and are crazy about investments and business then aviation village is the best place you are seeking. With the facility of logistic warehouses and storage warehouses, we have full-time corporate offices to facilitate business-driven individuals.

Where did the idea of Smart City Lahore Come from?

Following the successful footprints of Capital Smart City Islamabad, Smart City Lahore is under construction based on people’s trust and interest in our services. The triumphant fulfillment of this project will make Lahore the first and the second smart city in Lahore and Pakistan respectively.

Want a Change in Life Style: Choose Lahore Smart City

Is overcrowded Lahore suffocating you recently? Are you mentally stuck in a place that serves too little or not at all? Reach out to us and let us help you begin a new journey towards a housing plan that makes reality seem like a dream that has to come true. Our mega Project in Lahore is none else, but the result of our successful projects in Islamabad and people’s interest in our work to serve the public with the best.

Why should you choose Smart City Lahore?

Connectivity with roads makes Lahore Smart City Location an Ideal Choice.

Where you locate shapes almost everything about your personality, day to day life. Where you live becomes your destiny, so choose it well.  Here is the deal with Lahore Smart City location; it serves you a tranquil place away from the buzz of city life, yet it connects you with roads such as motorways and highways, so you are never lost. In fact, the smart city Lahore locates in places that are accessible to GT road which is a gateway to Sialkot and Lahore.

We bring you ideal locations where noise pollution is not your headache anymore. Welcome to Smart City Lahore

What are the Features that can make Lahore a Smart City?

For a city to be smarter than other housing societies like Blue World City it has to follow certain criteria such as:

Less Human Involvement:

In a world where technology is advancing at the speed of light, Sky Marketing won’t let you down. Yes, in Lahore smart city, one of the best smart features is “Limited human involvement in city making”. For this reason, you are saved from a lot of human error and confusion.  Digital devices are energy efficient and are reliable that not only saves your time but also provides you with a pleasant environment.  With Lahore Smart city location, we guarantee you a luxurious life at an affordable price.

Automatic Traffic Control System:  Once used to be a dream, but not anymore. With Smart City Lahore, we bring to you an automatic traffic control, that voluntarily controls crossroads traffic jam. We are all aware of the fact that most of our loved ones have gone too soon due to the horrible traffic jams and accidents caused by them.  Lahore Smart city will be a place no more vulnerable to traffic accidents from human error; thanks to the automatic traffic control system. Lahore smart city prices for any item, any product, and service are not expensive.

If money is worth spending for something marvelous in return, cash it out. Let’s build together a safe city.

Automatic Street Lights:

Our project aims at introducing to the city an amazing invention of the time; the automatic street lights with the capacity to reduce accidents due to overheating. They will be automatically switched off in case of bad weather, lightning, fog, or rain.  These street lights are environment friendly as they source out from solar energy. Smart City Lahore also brings to you an opportunity to look after nature and the environment. Isn’t that smart of Sky Marketing to help you be a responsible citizen.

Your comfort is our priority, Let’s get smart together and build a smart city Lahore.

Efficient Waste Management System:

A complete chaotic and terrible issue that our country faces today is of waste management, but with Sky Marketing comes wonders here. An odorless cosmos that too with Lahore smart city payment plan, only a click away from you. I know, it seems like a dream coming true, but the thing with Sky Marketing is, “A place where dreams come true. We are committed to promoting an odorless environment with long term economic and environmental and health benefits.

We also have the latest CCTVs, electric bikes, and a city free from load-shedding; an acute and alarming country situation.

These is not it. there are many more services which the society has installing in the area to make it a perfect commercial and living place. SO book your plots right now as they are in affordable prices till the actual launching of the society. You can book your plots from SkyMarketing Islamabad.