Firewatch Services Respond as California firefighters battle flames in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – Firefighters are battling wildfires in California. In Los Angeles County, firefighters have partially contained a fire spanning more than 2 square miles near Agua Dulce. Local Businesses are turning to fire watch services to protect their buildings. The fire watch personnel are on-site in order to satisfy local fire marshal orders to remain operational if their fire suppression systems are not functioning properly.

Over the weekend, firefighters responded to a plethora fires sparked by Fourth of July fireworks across California. San Francisco saw at least 100 fires in an 8-hour period of July 4th. The fire department tweeted about 15 fires in a single hour. Usually, following structural damage from a fire, the fire marshal will order a firewatch until the fire suppression system is operational. This influx of fire watch calls left security companies providing fire guard service stretched thin.

Sondae Esposito, Vice President of USPA Nationwide Security said that her San Francisco Branch office saw an increased number of calls for firewatch this week. “Our branches across the USA are generally busy providing fire guard services on Independence Day weekend, but this year was like nothing we’ve seen before.”

The wildfire danger continues in California, as temperatures reach 100 degrees, coupled with windy conditions and dry air.

If you require emergency fire watch service, call (800) 214-1448 for USPA Nationwide Security.