Gain Protocol Announces ICO Launch — The Next Generation of Decentralized Finance on Binance Smart Chain

Gain Protocol is a fully decentralized finance ecosystem focused on community.Through static rewards and massive sweepstakes opportunities, Gain Protocol puts the power in the hands of the people.

The growth in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space shows no signs of letting up. In a sea of new projects and ICOs, it has become quite challenging to find quality projects that put community first. Gain Protocol is the next generation of DeFi looking to revolutionize the space with its massive passive income opportunities and a community-driven approach to growth.

Static rewards are nothing new to the DeFi space. We have seen plenty of projects come and go without leaving a lasting impression on everyday users. The mission of Gain Protocol is to create a platform driven by smart contracts and transparency. The project aims to alleviate the problems rampant across the DeFi space and create a truly decentralized, honest and reliable way for holders to engage in trading.

To build trust, the team has committed itself to rigorous third-party smart contract audits from trusted names in DeFi like SolidityFinance. Additionally, the project ranks at the top of all ICO DeFi projects on — a feat that puts Gain Protocol head and shoulders aboveother similar projects.

At the heart of the project are seven protocols designed to spur engagement and help holder wallets grow. Each feature has elements of Gain Protocol’s community-driven ethos with thesole purpose of putting more GAIN, the project’s native token, in user wallets.

Additionally, exclusive features like Whale Protection and Toro Rounds re-define how users engage with buying and selling to create a truly equitable and fair trading experience. Smart contracts handle all of the features of Gain Protocol, making execution immutable and reliable.

Nathan Vaknin, Creator and Operational Leader at Gain Protocol, says the project is venturing into “unknown territory” but that Gain Protocol is “building a decentralized finance ecosystem like no other.” Vaknin further adds that Gain Protocol’s “extremely unique and innovative features…solves many of the issues within the decentralized finance space.”

For Vaknin, “a new era” of DeFi “has been created.” He states that “everything we do generates passive income for holders. The first ecosystem truly designed for the people.”

Gain Protocol standout features place it far ahead of similar projects in the DeFi space; here are the protocols set to launch with the ICO, with more coming soon:

*Whale Protection: Large token holders can sink the price of an asset when they make a huge sale. Gain Protocol’s Whale Protection provides the framework to solve this problem. Once the value of the seller transaction hits 2% of total locked liquidity, sellers face stiffer fees. The added fees go straight to holder wallets.

*Static Rewards: Gain Protocol’s approach to static rewards distribution provides holders with massive daily passive income opportunities. Seller fees fill the rewards pool, meaning every transaction on Gain Protocol puts GAIN in holder wallets.

*Dynamic Liquidity: Liquidity is an important part of DeFi projects. Gain Protocol’s unique approach to liquidity pools (LPs) revolutionizes the model to remedy many pain points that limit other projects. The smart contract sends excess liquidity to our sweepstakes protocol rather than laying stagnant in a company wallet.

*Sweepstakes Protocol: Gain Protocol wants to give holders as many opportunities to win as possible. With daily sweepstakes drawings, holders have a chance at scoring through one of the seven unique drawing types. GAIN for sweepstakes comes from both buyer fees and excess GAIN funneled from the dynamic LP.

*Toro Rounds: Exclusive to Gain Protocol, Toro Rounds are smart contracts that handle future public token sales to double the value of GAIN during each round. Every user has an equal chance to purchase GAIN at a fair price, no special treatment here. We also place restrictions on selling GAIN purchased during Toro Rounds for the week following sales. This helps stabilize price following each Toro Round.

The future of Gain Protocol is in the hands of our community. Our community will decide which features our developer team works on next through our contributions system. Once a feature is fully funded, we’ll start work right away.

Additionally, Gain Protocol’s dedication system means developers have a vested interest in growing the project and making each and every feature of Gain Protocol the best possible. This ensures a mutual goal of long-term project success for both the internal development team and everyday users.

To learn more about Gain Protocol and for further information on all the features, please visit