Gaming laptop makers roll out new models amidst rising demand

The gaming laptop industry is riding a wave of optimism as one industry report after another predicts a golden period for gaming laptop sales over the coming years. The period from 2020 to 2027 is especially being seen as a beacon of hope for rapid growth in the computer industry. All the top PC makers are share the positive outlook. As a result, they are gearing resources to scale up investment in production and research.

Gaming laptop growth leads all other categories

Take the example of HP, one of the oldest and leading names in gaming laptop manufacturing. According to the latest reports, this company is seeing the gaming sector as the biggest area of growth in sales, regardless of the overall slump in market demand due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In July 2020, the company launched two new models as part of the Omen and Pavilion Gaming lines to tap into the growing demand. With double-digit growth in emerging markets such as India, the company is hopeful of enjoying steadily rising demand in its international markets.

A senior representative from HP commented that while the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down growth in some of the traditional market segments like office computers and printers, rising demand for gaming laptops has offered manufacturers around the world much-needed hope. Hence, it may not be too late before consumers might easily buy the best gaming laptop under 600 Dollars.

Not to be left behind is Asus, the premium gaming laptop maker from Taiwan, with expanding sales across the Asia-Pacific region. Buoyed by similar hopes of growing demand, the company has introduced new models, the Strix Scar and Strix G gaming laptops, to cater to a growing market share in India and other rising markets in the region. 

Rising gaming laptop sales help sustain revenues

Rising sales in the gaming laptop segment is one of the reasons for the recent impressive performance of Dell, another dominant player in the industry. As per the latest reports from Wall Street, the company has attained higher sales figures for the second quarter of the financial year due to increased sales of its gaming laptops. Reports show that compared to $13.34 billion in estimated sales, Dell actually posted earnings of $14.3 billion, which is mainly due to increased demand for gaming laptops.

5G technology bring hope to gaming laptop makers

Another factor that seems to be driving demand for gaming laptops in particular is the fact that 5G technology is almost round the corner, and manufacturers do not want to be left behind. Often described as the new horizon for laptop growth, 5G technology is the basis for growth in the gaming sector as it would greatly enhance the experience for beginner, intermediate and expert gamers. As more countries implement 5G networks, gamers will no longer need to be tied to their desktop computers for playing games online. Instead, they would demand specially designed gaming laptops that they can carry around. 

China seems to be attracting a fair share of attention from global manufacturers, despite the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic and lockdown situation. Despite being one of the worst-hit countries in the world, Chinese consumers show a growing appetite for gaming laptops. As a result, one of the biggest laptop makers in the country—Honor, a Huawei subsidiary–recently announced a whole new series of gaming laptops. Given the fact that this is the technology company’s first move into the laptop category, it speaks volumes about international computer manufacturers’ confidence in an expanding gaming laptop market.

Another high-profile player, Xiaomi, is also increasing its attention towards this segment in China. Earlier this month, the company launched its first gaming laptop for budget-conscious buyers called Redmi G. The laptop is aimed at first-time buyers, which suggests that the company is entering the market for the long haul and will be targeting more price segments with newer models in the coming years. 

Issues to take note of

To make the best of this bright spot on an otherwise bleak economic outlook, these manufacturers will need the operational flexibility to divert capacity and resources towards this segment. Another challenge will be to reach out to customers in a segment that is new for them. As a result, these companies have now begun reaching out to organizers of gaming championships as potential sponsors.    

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