Global CTB Latest Report: Can This Broker be Recommended?

The trading market has become synonymous with high profits and this has drawn a large crowd. People from all over the globe have taken an interest in the financial markets because the barriers to entry have become pretty much non-existent. Who wouldn’t want to generate high profits in a short span of time and with minimal investment? Plus, you don’t even need any qualification or prior knowledge, although it certainly improves your chances of success. There are plenty of instruments in the market so there are no issues about lack of opportunities. In fact, to keep up with the growing demand, the number of brokers offering their services has also gone up.

This is undoubtedly important because you require a brokerage’s services if you want to enter the trading space. A broker will provide you with the necessary trading platform, tools and other features that are essential to the trading process. Knowing that there are numerous brokers in the market is very reassuring, but the real challenge for traders is figuring out how to choose one. How do you know a broker can be recommended for trading? The best way to find the answer to this question is to do some due diligence.

There are some crucial features of a broker that can help you reach a conclusion. One of the brokers in the market is Global CTB, which claims to provide authentic trading services. You need to evaluate its features in order to determine if it can live up to its claims. Some of these features are highlighted below:

  • Registration process

It is a given that in order to use a broker’s trading services, you have to register with them first. This is no different at Global CTB, but you do need to check what requirements have to be met to finish this procedure. In some cases, there are a lot of complexities involved, which can take a lot of time and may even be unnecessary. You definitely do not want to deal with such situations when you wish to trade right away. To register with Global CTB, you have to fill out just one form and that can be found on their website.

This has kept the procedure simple and straightforward for everyone. It asks for some basic details like your full name, phone number, country of residence, email address and password and your date of birth. After you have completed the form, you can submit it to the broker and they will immediately register you on the platform. Global CTB does not have an approval process in place, which can save time.

  • Availability of accounts

After registration is completed, the next step is to choose an account option. It is the trend amongst brokers to offer several account types, especially if their services are meant for traders coming from different backgrounds. Typically, you will come across three to four account choices and have to choose one of them, but Global CTB has extended this variety to fix options. This can provide some more room to traders in choosing an account they are comfortable with. The options available are:

Basic: With an initial deposit of $250, this account gives a bonus of 30% and access to PRO webinars, price alerts, 24/6 customer support, education center, price alerts and daily market review.

Beginner: The deposit increases to $10,000 and does the bonus to 40%. A junior account manager is added to the options.

Medium: A minimum deposit of $25,000 is needed for this account and the bonus is 60%. The junior account manager is now replaced with a senior one.

Advanced: The deposit requirement goes up once again to $50,000 as does bonus to 70$. A VIP account manager is now available.

Pro: Global CTB has set a requirement of $100,000 for this account with 80% bonus given to traders. All features of the broker are accessible here.

VIP: The last account option is for professional traders with high trading volume and they are provided special benefits under this account.

  • Learning and Education

As stated in the beginning, even though education and knowledge of the trading market is not a requirement to get started, it does work in your favor. It can improve your chances of making successful trades because you will know what to do and when. Newbies often struggle in the market because they don’t understand how it works and they need access to learning material and educational resources to help. Even seasoned traders need to stay updated because the market is constantly evolving and new developments are being made.

You will come across an education center on Global CTB’s website where its users are provided access to learning and educational material for their assistance and guidance. There are a number of online courses that are available and an extensive variety of e-books. Beginners can also find the latest article about the trading market. As far as skilled traders are concerned, they can attend PRO webinars that are held by market experts and share some valuable insights.

  • Trading Conditions

One vital feature of a brokerage is their trading conditions and they are something you need to know. These will determine how much costs and trading fee you have to incur, giving you an idea of how much profit you can take home. Some brokers don’t reveal their conditions until you sign up with them and this can be a problem if their charges turn out to be high. Global CTB has chosen to be transparent in this regard because they charge competitive and low spreads from their clients.

No commissions of any kind are applicable and hidden fee is not involved either. Global CTB doesn’t charge for deposits and withdrawal either, with the exception of bank transfers that incur a fee of $20.

Final Verdict

According to the aforementioned features, it is safe to say that Global CTB can be recommended when you wish to make a start in the trading space for earning substantial returns.