Guidelines about Viber Messenger For Android

Viber Messenger appeared on Android with its new application, with which you can talk on the phone and send free messages to all contacts who have also installed this application on their mobile phones.

It was primarily made for the iPhone, but luckily it also came for Android as expected, so why limit it to just the iPhone if you also have access to Android?

No matter where you are or where your friends are, there are no restrictions, you need to install Viber Messenger on your phone and connect to the Internet, and you can talk for free as long as you like, voice call or text message on your choice.

Unlike applications such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, or Fring, were adding friends can go through an approval process. It acts as a phone. You need to have a phone number in your address book, and the app will automatically detect which of your contacts are also using this app.

It also uses the latest technology to provide much better sound quality than a regular phone call or GSM. (I checked the call quality is much better than Skype or Nimbuz)

When you install the app, you will be prompted to enter your country prefix and phone number, which will send you a confirmation code to use Viber, now speak for free.

Then came the era of signage and graffiti, when seniors taught their children through graffiti and drawing cartoons. Pigeons also play a vital role in conveying messages. But the real development of communication has happened over the past 30 years, and now you don’t have to take things to burn and create smoke to signal others, you don’t need to paint the walls, and now it is pointless to tame pigeons. To get your message across, because only one Messenger app does it all more efficiently. 

The app has five tabs with different options:

Recent: it will display call log, sent, received, missed, allow any call log,

Contacts: Where you will see three tabs again is: Viber Messenger, which displays contacts in your schedule, and Viber has been installed so that you can speak completely free of charge using voice or text messages. Everyone says your entire address book, while Favorites lets you add your favorite numbers without wasting time searching for them on the plan.

Keyboard: Shows the dial-up keyboard.

Messages: its history shows you the text messages you have. If you click on a contact number, you can read it again

More: This will take you to another menu where you can view and configure other aspects of the Viber Messenger app, invite friends, share on Facebook, send a tweet, privacy policy, deactivate your account, and configuration options.

Another aspect that I like about this app is that when you send a text message, it appears as an instant popup that you can reply to in the same popup or enter the chat to see the entire conversation. …

Based on my experience, I can confidently say that if you are looking for a free speech app, Viber Messenger has the best audio quality for conversations, then you can try it.