How an Injury Can Affect You Financially

Getting into any kind of serious accident is something that no one can avoid. Whether or not you’re responsible for the incident, you’ll find yourself affected in some way. One of the long-reaching effects of being injured is often money-related.


Lost Income


Depending on how badly you’re injured, you could find yourself having to stay away from work. Most companies allow for sick leave that doesn’t affect how much you get paid, but what if those days run out? An accident can cause a person to be away from their job for months, resulting in a significant decrease in earnings.


Many people can’t afford to miss work because they earn through commission or get paid for the hours they were on duty. Others work for themselves, and their business don’t run if they can’t do their job. Injuries affect these kinds of earners the most because they don’t just lose a small amount of income.


Decreased Earning Ability


When people think of decreased earning ability after an injury, they usually think it only applies to physical work, but that’s not necessarily true. Being injured can affect things like a promotion or projects that you can do. You might have to take a less demanding job, depending on how long it’ll take for you to recover.


Medical Expenses


One of the biggest financial affects a person faces after an accident is medical costs. Even if you have insurance paying for medication, additional procedures and therapy will leave you with a pile of bills that you’ll struggle to pay off. Not being at fault for the accident means there’s an opportunity to sue for compensation, but that could lead to a different set of expenses.      


Lengthy Court Cases


No matter what kind of accident you’re involved in, if you think the fault lies with someone else, you’re well within your right to sue. This, of course, means more time off from work and additional lawyer’s fees. So how can a person get what they deserve without losing a lot of money?

Finding the right attorneys for you is vital. The team from says that having a lawyer that takes a personal approach to your case is critical. This may seem expensive, but many law firms offer free consultations and even pay if you win policies. 

Considering your options could be the difference between adding to financial stress and getting what is owed to you.


Being injured will always affect you after the incident. No one can predict when we’ll be hurt, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared. The financial impact after the event can be devastating. Bills can add up very quickly, made worse if you’re unable to work or have to take on lighter duties. 

Having a little bit of money put aside is always recommended, and seeking legal advice may afford you additional income that you’ll gladly welcome.