How much an auto locksmith costs in Philadelphia?

An auto locksmith helps you get out of a car lockout. A locksmith that deals with car lockouts charge a decent price. Different locksmiths charge differently depending on their skills, timing, and also the merit of the work.

But when you get an auto locksmith service, you should make sure that the locksmith does not overcharge you. You should be aware of the rates of car locksmiths in different areas.

In Philadelphia, locksmiths charge according to the services and the time required to get the job done. Moreover, many of them offer extra services and charge according to it.

Extra service charges

If you call a locksmith for the ignition changing work, and in meanwhile you remember that the locks of your car’s doors are not working properly. You will not call any other locksmith for that. You will pay more to the locksmith who is there to change the ignition.

This means that he will charge you more for the extra services you have taken from him.

Charges for some auto locksmith services in Philadelphia

There are numerous locksmith in Philadelphia and they charge accordingly. A person is that clever that he can make an estimate of the cost that he should pay to the locksmith after watching that what service actually the locksmith has provided.

In Philadelphia, the average price of any auto locksmith service stands between 80$ to 300$. If the locksmith charges you more than the mentioned price for a single service, then you should check properly that whether you are the safe hands or not.

Cheapest and the best locksmith (Philadelphia)

After knowing the average price of the auto locksmith services you might be thinking of a reliable locksmith company that will provide you best services at the lowest rates.

No need to worry, locksmith Philly offers you several types of most occurring car locksmith services at extremely cheap rates. We provide the best quality services and at very low prices.

Here is a brief of the services and the prices we offer to our customers for an auto locksmith service. (A slight change might occur in the price depending upon the situation and the amount of work.)

  • Change Locks on Car: $75 – $220
  • Car Lockout Services: $60 – $85
  • Keyless Fob Replacement Services: $150 – $250
  • Key Extraction Services: $75 – $140
  • Car Ignition Repair Services: $120 – $225
  • Car Rekey Services: $75 – $180
  • Car Key Replacement Services: $70 – $250
  • Key Programming Services: $90 – $160

You can get your required service at these low rates and instantly after you contact the best locksmith, Locksmith Philly in Philadelphia.

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