How much to tip movers?

Moving from one place to another isn’t easy as you thought it would, it requires a lot of preparation, manual help, packaging and whatnot. Moving brings a pyramid of questions, fears and uncertainties. Still, after all, if you’ve decided to hire a moving company to successfully transfer your possession carefully and make your moving journey easier. Undoubtedly, there are some questions that rule everyone’s mind. One such question is how much to tip movers? Should we provide movers with the tip?

If you’re moving, the journey has been easy which actually is not when you do it by yourself. It is considered as one of the tedious tasks of all times. If your movers have done a tremendous job and you’re quite satisfied with the efforts, work and the time they have put it in. Then you can definitely give something in return, a tip can be a good gesture. But the question arises here how much to tip them? Also, it is not an obligation that you’ve to give a tip, it doesn’t include in your bills. It is entirely on you and the work they have performed. How much to tip a mover is one of the delicate and controversial matters obviously, you don’t want to pay them less for the work they have done and you can’t exceed your expenses. Here the question arises of how much to pay so that it doesn’t look unprofessional and cheap.

Is it an obligation to tip your movers?

It is very simple, you are not obligated to tip your movers. It will solely depend upon the work they have done and the level of satisfaction you got from the work. Before giving a tip ask some of the questions to yourself first!

  • Did they handle the situation with utmost professionalism?
  • Did anything get damaged while transferring?
  • Were they worked properly?
  • Are they good at their job?
  • Did they arrive on time?

Well, tipping someone is always out of the generosity the other person has. It is true that you are already paying a hefty amount to the moving company and tipping doesn’t include in your bill. Consider an example, when you go to restaurants and you give a tip to waiters, is its obligation no right? But still, you do it because you liked the service they have given you, the efforts to put it in. You give them a tip out of the generosity and it’s the same way with your movers too.

If you liked their services, you can just give a cherry on the top. Moving services is indeed a separate industry and can show your gratitude by just giving them a tip. But nowhere you have to feel like that is something you need and should do. It’s totally on you if you feel like you should do that, then only give it otherwise it is not a mandatory thing. There are so many people that get anxious about whether you should tip your movers or not, don’t find your answers somewhere because it will depend on your level of satisfaction the movers have given you and the amount of happiness you got from your moving journey with the help of the movers.

How much tip you’re helping hands that are your movers?

This is the one question that bothers every human head, but is sure that your amount of the tip will depend upon some of the key facets which are:

  • Level of Satisfaction;
  • Job Performance;
  • Budget;
  • Work performance;

We can help you with bidding the categories of giving tips.

  • High tips – If you really think that your movers have done a tremendous job and you’re really happy with the work they have done. Then you can give them a good amount of tip. Consider putting yourself in that scenario and think about then. How hard it would be to work in the tough scenario where it’s a lot of furniture and still they managed to move your belongings from one place to another.
  • Normal or standard tip – if you think they did a normal or average job of carrying the things, then give them a normal tip that can be around 20℅ or 30℅ hikes. In your eyes, they did a good job but not up to the mark then give them the standard tip. If you’re planning a move, you can ask San Jose movers. They will help you with every moving journey.
  • No tip – if you think they did no justice to your moving journey, they were unprofessional, didn’t care, and didn’t arrive on time. Then it’s your call to not give them a tip.

The amount you should give as a tip to movers?

Deciding an amount to give as a tip to movers is not an easy task. It is always advisable to make an estimate of 5℅ to 20℅ as a tip from the overall moving journey cost. This 5% to 20% can be given to the moving team as gratitude towards the work they have done. We can just give you the highlights and the suggestions, the tip can carry according to your preferences such you can give them according to the number of hours they have worked, some % of your total bill to be payable to the moving team, job performance etc. Initially, the simple formula to calculate how much should be given to the movers can depend upon the number of hours invested in the move. This simple method tells that a normal mover should at least get $10 for a minimum of hours that is 4 and double if the hours get doubled.

Also, the above mentioned was just a basic, it is not mandatory that you have to give a 20% hike, not everyone has the same financial stability or position that they can give the high tip. You should do things according to you and your financial status.