How to Get No Deposit Bonus on Your Forex Trading

Getting no deposit bonus can be a great way to plunge into Forex trading. Especially beginners and students shouldn’t miss out on it.

Once their registration process on a Forex trading account is complete, they have to select their base currency in EURO, USD, AUD, GBP, RUB, and more.

Soon they will receive no deposit bonus in their own currency. The bonus will straightway get deposited into your Forex trading account. The bonus amount varies from brokers to brokers.

No Deposit Bonus: Eligibility Checker

  • Your Forex trading account needs to be complete in all respects.
  • Your personal identity must be verified with a real identity card.
  • No deposit bonus varies from brokers to brokers.
  • You must be from the same geographical area where the campaign of no deposit bonus is valid.
  • You must fulfil all eligibility criteria, including age, base currency, and country to get it.

Top 5 Key Steps To Getting No Deposit Bonus

  • Sign up on a Forex trading platform.
  • Login to your account with the right username and password.
  • Upload all necessary documents necessary for KYC compliance.
  • Make a request for no deposit bonus.
  • Soon you will get no deposit bonus in your Forex trading account.

How to Withdraw No Deposit Bonus from Your Account

The bonus amount already deposited into your Forex trading account can’t be instantly withdrawn. Traders may actually check if their trading services are properly available in your account or not.

If your Forex account is new, wait for a few months. Meanwhile, you can keep trading in Forex currency as per your needs and requirements. When you successfully complete a certain number of transactions on your Forex account, you can easily withdraw the bonus amount from your trading wallet.

However, some brokers allow partial withdrawal from bonus amount even if you just opened your trading account. It varies from brokers to brokers and campaigns to campaigns.

Forex Deposit Bonus Vs Forex No Deposit Bonus

Before opening your Forex trading account, make sure that your Forex broker understands the difference between No Deposit Bonus and Forex Deposit Bonus. Both are different and independent of each other.

Here are some key differences between them.

  • You must deposit a certain sum of money to get a Forex deposit bonus on your trading account, but you needn’t deposit anything to get no deposit bonus.
  • The amount of no-deposit bonus is undetermined, but the Forex deposit bonus depends upon how much the client deposited in your account.
  • Only new customers will get a Forex no-deposit bonus, while Forex deposit bonus is available for both new and old clients.
  • No-deposit bonus is offered to clients based on broker’s existing campaigns, while Forex deposit bonus is a percentage of the amount of the customer’s transaction on a Forex trading platform.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing No Deposit Forex Bonus

  • Opt for a reputed Forex broker.
  • Read various online reviews of various Forex brokers before finalising them.
  • Make sure you have learned some key concepts of Forex trading.
  • Please make sure that you have all key identity documents in hand while filling out the registration form.
  • Check all terms and conditions before signing up on a particular Forex broker.

The Conclusion

The primary purpose of offering a no-deposit bonus to new clients is encouraging them to invest more in Forex trading. You should open your Forex trading account with the goal of long-term investment and trading purposes. Please go through this article carefully before opening your Forex trading account.