How to start event planning business – A basic Guide

Do you have a love for organizing events? Then the Event Planning business is for you. If you have the creative itch and passion to make events an affair to remember in that case event planning certainly worth its weight in gold.

Event planning is a booming business industry earning multi-billions annually. A research conducted by Certified Special Events Professional(CSEP) Dr. Joe Goldblatt revealed that annual spending on events worldwide is $500 billion.

If you are already an event organizer, having many successfully organized events under your belt, who contemplates the notion of starting the event and party planning business.

One needs to learn the ropes when starting a new business. Ample knowledge is required on how to corner the market with cut-throat competition. Businesses fail when you are unprepared for the daunting tasks.

Many event planning companies are playing their role in making the event world better. Like snwevents anĀ  Event Company in Singapore gives best experience on different scales of events.There are alot of event organizers in singapore but selection depends on type of event.

A startup guide on Event Planning

An essential in Event Planning Startup is a Game Plan to get the business off the ground. Though an uphill battle, this business holds many rewards in its arsenal.

Here’s a list of things to do to start an elegant event company.

Event Planning Experience

Survival of a newbie, with no portfolio of success stories, is next to impossible as the market is flooded with Top-Notch event planners.

Get experience on how things work in the event planning world by working in an event planning firm. In addition, an event planner should excel in the following skills

  • Creativity and Time Management
  • Communications and negotiations
  • Attention to details
  • Budgeting and Multi-Tasking

Target Forte

Initially, the event planner must focus on what he does best, be it, weddings, birthdays, social events, parades, conferences, or corporate events.

Clients can only trust you when you know where your expertise lies. A variety of services can be offered once the business is evolved.

Startup Cost of Event Planning Business

The knowledge of investment your business will demand over time is the key factor. Compare the costs of renting an office space and working from home.

Working from home option wins the race by a large stretch. Work from home to save costs when business is just starting out.

Effective Business Plan

Starting a business isn’t all fantasies. It requires a business plan stating business development strategies. It must include

  • Executive summary- and overview of the business idea
  • Industry and customer analysis
  • Competitors in the marketplace
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Team, Operations, and Financial Forecasts

Business Filing

Registering a business with the state and federal government comes with a lot of paperwork. Different licenses and permits are needed depending on the event planning type, to operate.

Knowledge of tax laws is important before you start.

Business Insurance

This is a mandatory step to make sure you are covered in case of any accidents. In the event and party planning business, a General Liability Insurance policy is required. It covers protection against injury and property damage.

Marketing Budget

In this day and age, marketing your product and services the right way will keep you ahead of the pack. Set aside a marketing budget to let the world know about your business. Market your business by

  • Networking
  • Advertising by digital and printed ads
  • Business cards and brochures
  • Social Media Ads


When the proper guidelines are followed, the business will grow by leaps and bounds. Investing in the right software and PR campaign, you will be bagging clients in no time.