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Identifying fake reviews: your guide to finding credible moving company

When planning a move, engaging a professional and credible moving company is what everyone wants. The conventional way to identify the best moving mover for the category is to trust the reviews from family and friends as well as the recommendations of some trusted moving platforms. Undoubtedly such recommendations are worth trusting but in the modern times, people usually consider online reviews to evaluate the company. Avoiding friends and family’s help and guidance for finding the best moving company can at times prove a big mistake.

Online reviews indeed are a good way to check that the company you are considering hiring is credible enough to rely on for the safe transport of your belongings. Online reviews make you aware of the customer’s perception about the moving company. Trusted moving platform, Moving Feedback states that there are a lot of things that customers can learn from online moving reviews. From customer service to prices, professionalism to availability of services and the dedication of the company towards making a move successful, online reviews offer great insights about moving companies. Trusting online reviews has proven effective a number of times.

So, how do you plan to check the reputation of the moving company? Reading the reviews off course? But, how do you ensure that the reviews that you are trusting are credible are original. Yes, there are a number of moving companies that thrive on fabricated reviews which are posted online to dupe naïve customers like you. Rogue reviews are also an incredible way to cover the misdeeds and poor performance of the company in the past.

You may be surprised to read this, but the customers who wrote these reviews are usually paid a handsome amount to promote a particular company, which is not credible enough.

The reason behind posting fake moving company reviews

Did you know that lately moving reviews have become the most popular way customers use to evaluate the credibility of a moving company? The moving industry is densely populated and hence the competition is very stiff. To ensure that you stay ahead of the competition, moving companies have to do all sorts of promotions and rely on a variety of tricks that distinguish them from others. While the best moving companies choose the ethical way to stay ahead of the competition, rogue moving companies prefer an easy and unethical way. Posting fake reviews online is one such way that poor graded moving companies use to trick the customers and ensure that their moving services are showcased as credible despite being completely unreliable.

Customers usually search for companies that have a positive customer review along with a 5 star rating. You may fail to realize that the company you are trusting because of a positive review have actually paid an ill-mannered individual to post a fake and rather polished review on their behalf.

How to identify fake moving reviews?

There are a number of reasons why moving companies choose to post a fake review. From incompetent behavior to rude attitude, poor services to unprofessional behavior and overpriced services, incompetent moving companies make sure that none of their wrongful deeds from the past come as a problem in getting business, today and in the future. This is why they post fake reviews. To ensure you get connected with a credible moving company, it is important that you know how to distinguish between genuine and rogue moving companies.

Here are some of the signs to look for:

Over the top praise:

If a review praises a company too much, there is a high possibility that it is fake. The review, if it has a lot of superlatives and compliments, is naturally fabricated.

Too much negativity:

Similarly, if the review is too negative, it too means that there is some problem. People do leave negative reviews but only when they are dissatisfied. A critically offensive review means it has been deliberately posted online to degrade the moving company.

Too lengthy and descriptive:

If the review is very lengthy and has a lot of details about the customer, the moving process, way the movers were helpful and more, it means that the review is a paid post.

Too many reviews look same:

If there are too many reviews posted online and most of them look identical in terms of writing style, language and structure, it is a red flag. Moreover, if you find the name of the mover more than once in the review, there are 80% chances the review is fake.

Identifying fake reviews is very important to ensure you hire a credible mover. Besides relying on reviews, you must also take aid of the latest moving technology that helps you make your move successful. So, read the reviews, pick the real from the fake ones and choose a credible mover.