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Impact of COVID -19 Impact On Amniotic Fluid Detection Market 2018 industry trends, sales, demand, analysis & forecasts to 2027

As per the research conducted by Fast. MR, the report titled “Amniotic Fluid Detection Market by Product Type (Kits and Regents & Other Consumables), By End User (Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories and Gynecology Centers) and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa) – Global Market Size, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast, 2018-2027” provides current as well as future analysis of the market by evaluating the major applications, advantages, trends, and challenges. The report dives deeper to produce useful insights into Amniotic Fluid Detection Market such as major global regions and key competitors and strategies that can be used for the entry-level player too.


Amniotic fluid is a clear, yellow fluid which contains live fetal cells and also enables to detect certain birth defects, genetic diseases, and chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus. During amniotic fluid detection, a sample (about 1 ounce) of amniotic fluid is removed through a fine needle inserted into the uterus through the abdomen and sent to the diagnostic laboratory for analysis. Further, amniotic fluid also determined the baby gender before birth. Amniotic fluid detection generally recommend to those pregnant woman who has an abnormality on an initial prenatal screening test; or if suspected that a fetus has an infection or other illness such as hemolytic disease. Further, it may also done after 32 weeks to evaluate fetal lung maturity.

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Rising preference of gynaecologist for genetic testing during pregnancy is expected to propel the amniotic fluid detection market growth.

Gynaecologists recommend/prefer to perform amniocentesis in order to detect the rate of occurrence of Down syndrome, Edwards’s syndrome and Patau syndrome in women, thus expected to drive the amniotic fluid detection market growth. Further, identification of food allergens in utero in two different stages of pregnancy (at 15-20 weeks and after delivery at term) through amniotic fluid is also expected to propel the market growth in the foreseen future.

Launch of advanced amniotic detection products by manufacturers is expected to generate significant revenue in the amniotic fluid detection market. For instance, in December 2017, Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its partner, BMV Medica SA introduced AmnioSense (AL-Sense), a diagnostic tool which is able to differentiate between urine and amniotic fluid leaks in late pregnancy, in Mexico. Easton/BMV with exclusive distribution partner, Windsor Pharmaceuticals will market and sell the AL-Sense in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

However, certain risks associated with amniotic fluid detection and revolt for using this technology for sex determination in some countries, pose a significant threat to amniotic fluid detection market growth

Amniotic Fluid Detection Market Regional Analysis

On the basis of region, North America is expected to show leading position in the amniotic fluid detection market. This is attributed to growing Inherited or genetic concerns among families. According to the Mayo Clinic, amniotic fluid detection is performed approximately 200,000 times a year in U.S., in order to determine if specific genetic disorders may be present in the baby.

Europe and Latin America also contribute noteworthy growth in amniotic fluid detection market owing to improved healthcare infrastructure and increasing government initiatives to provide better treatment to pregnant women. For instance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development and the National Council for State Funding Agencies, in order to provide funding for research projects which can address priority issues in maternal and child health in Brazil.

Asia Pacific also shows significant growth in amniotic fluid detection market during the forecast period due to increased spending in healthcare by government and also rise in childbirths per year. After easing the one-child policy in China, the demand for more medical facilities, as well as equipment and services in fields such as gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics has been increased considerably. China currently has 135,000 paediatricians (one for every 2,300 children). Thus, the central government of China has set a goal of one paediatrician per 1,450 children by 2020.

Key players operating in the amniotic fluid detection markets include ELITechGroup, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., MWE, QIAGEN Sciences, LLC, IQ Products, Common Sense Ltd., Oy Medix Biochemica Ab, Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Easton Pharmaceuticals and others.

Amniotic Fluid Detection Market-Taxonomy

By Product Type


-Regents and Other Consumables

By End-User


-Diagnostic Laboratories

-Gynaecology Centers

By Region

-North America


-Asia Pacific

-Latin America

-Middle East and Africa

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