NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2021 / — Vitscoin is all set to launch an ecosystem utility token presale on 16 Nov 2021. The presale will start from 16 Nov 2021 and last till 30 Nov 2021 on Presale price is 0.10 BUSD (20% Bonus Tokens Distribute after the sale), one of the most profitable deals for crypto investors. Vitscoin KYC has been done by @InterFiNetwork.

Vitscoin was established on a set of fundamental ideas and beliefs that emphasize the importance of a collective group of like-minded people and the unmatched power and coordination that this sort of magical alliance enables.

Launched in August 2021, Vitscoin is an Ecosystem Utility token initiative to protect the crypto community from rugged projects. Many Crypto investors and beginners end up losing their money due to fake crypto projects and scams running worldwide.” We have created a decentralized platform where crypto investors can get detailed project analysis, buy, exchange and sell coins from a single platform,” said Vivek Sharma, Vitscoin founder. Crypto scams keep happening everywhere, and it is especially difficult for beginners to manage their cryptocurrency and profit from their investments.


As a leading crypto ecosystem, we strive to become one of the leading providers of the crypto ecosystems. We look forward to growing continuously and being seen as an organization that adheres to its ethics & social responsibility, and commitments even as it expands its global reach.

Ecosystem Features:

Wallet: Vitscoin created a multi-chain wallet with 2FA protection where individuals may keep their crypto assets (Erc20, bep20, trc20, and more). Users may save their digital assets in a multi-chain wallet and use the DAPP browser to trade them for other tokens.

Swap exchange: Vitscoin is working on a swap exchange where investors may trade their coins for other cryptocurrencies, join staking pools, and earn tokens. In addition, IDO will be released there.

Individuals can utilize a Protocol of Decentralized Exchange to exchange currencies, invest in liquidity and staking pools, and earn passive income.

NFTs: Vitscoin offers an NFTs marketplace for producers and purchasers, where they can mint and sell digital art, music, films, and much more. Investors may purchase and sell digital assets on the platform.

It offers minting tools that allow users to create their own NFTs using our site’s videos, images, and other material, as well as the option to buy and trade NFTs.

On the platform, users may purchase and sell NFTs in the safest possible method. Users may also trade NFTs on the site, creating an unusually competitive market for buying NFTs at a discount to their average market value in comparison to the rest of the globe.

Social: The Vitscoin platform provides extensive information and news on the latest cryptocurrency developments, as well as detailed analyses (KYC, Vision, Audit, and many other elements) of new projects that have been founded inside the Vitscoin ecosystem. Individuals may join in the project using our launchpad, and they can also use it to network with other investors.

Users may obtain full research based on their preferences/recommended projects, including the team behind the projects, their purpose & vision, official social accounts, official website, appropriate smart contracts, KYC, and much more.

Buyback and burn: In our buyback program, we pay our investors the market price per share or a premium above the current market price in exchange for repurchasing a portion of its tokens previously given to external token holders. We will burn these tokens every year buyback & burn program.

Passive income: Vitscoin will provide the passive income to our coin holders every quarter; whatever the earning we generate through the ecosystem fees; we will distribute 70% of earning to our coin holders every quarter manually. Holders also can generate more passive income through staking pools and social platform activity.

Token Economics:

Total Token Supply: 1 billion

1,000,000,000 $VCOIN total Supply of Vitscoin

Initial Supply for the initial year is approx. 11% of the total Supply is 110,000,000 $VCOIN.

  • Staking Pools (55%)
  • Public Sale (7%)
  • Marketing (6%)
  • Team (10%)
  • Strategic Partnership (10%)
  • Airdrop (5%)
  • Holders Reward (7%)

Note: 85% Liquidity Locked on

$VCOIN Usage

  • Purchase NFTs using VCOIN
  • Swap other tokens with VCOIN
  • People can use in Staking pools to get back rewards in other coins into VCOIN
  • Social platform activity reward program
  • Participate in IDO launchpad to invest in other tokens

If you are looking for a secure ecosystem to invest in crypto, your right destination will invest in VCOIN tokens using BUSD/USDT and looking for more information on presale? You can follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and other social media platforms to get updates on our IDO/Presale. Don’t miss the chance to invest your hard-earned money in the Vitscoin presale. Huge offers and discounts are available for people who are willing to invest in presale. Contact us now for more information.

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