Keys to a Successful Business Pitch Explained by Overgear

Overgear gaming company shares some useful skills in the “art of pitching”. Overgear helps gamers all over the world achieve their gaming goals, learn and have the best possible experience in online games. Over the past decade, playing games has become an important part of the lifestyle for more than two billion people.

The realities are constantly changing, as are the rules of the game, and we should be able to adapt to it. The best way to adapt is to develop our soft skills. Soft skills are the factor that can determine not only one’s career path but their whole life.

Overgear knows that it’s too important for everyone to develop their soft skills. But what skills should we pay attention to in our rapidly changing world?

In Overgear’s opinion, these are:

Emotional intelligence.

Working in the conditions of uncertainty.


Project management.


And last one but not least — pitch, one of the most important soft skills in business.

The Overgear team has shared tips with beginners and experienced startups on how to make pitch attractive for investors.

When creating a pitch, one needs to understand who is the target audience for such a performance. If we talk about startup competitions, it is made for investors. It can also be prepared for bankers, potential sponsors, management, employees, customers, partners – for anyone who needs to sell something.

1) Elevator pitch

Its duration is about 1 minute. The main goal is to interest the investor in order to get invited for another meeting. During this minute, one needs to find time to briefly talk about the existing problem, the solution that is being offered, and tell what are the prospects for monetizing the project.

2) Idea pitch

Its duration is up to 3 minutes. This type of pitching is most common in startup competitions. It is made up of the following elements:

project name;



market size;

business model;



Exciting Pitch Experience of Overgear

Overgear has been invited to join Startup Grind’s inaugural Quickfire Demo Day, a highly exclusive, invite-only pitch competition for the top 10 most exciting startups on the Startup Membership Community out of over 2,500 globally.

As a result, Overgear pitched its startup at the main Global Conference on the Accelerate Pitch Stage and had full access to Startup Summit & Global Conference. It also got warm introductions to top matching investors from the Investor Program.

Moreover, Overgear is taking part in the global event, Wolves Summit, that grew to become one of the world’s leading startup conferences and the largest tech event in Central and Eastern Europe. Every edition attracts over 2,500 participants from 80 countries providing 100+ hours of immersive educational content, keynotes, and startup pitches.


Remember that it is important to interest the investor and show him the prospect. The purpose of a short pitch is to make contact. If the outcome is positive, the interlocutor will offer to continue the conversation and set the time for the next meeting. If the investor isn’t interested in the project, but is impressed by the idea and prospects, he can tell another investor about the startup or immediately advise you whom to contact. Don’t hesitate to ask for such help.

Don’t over-focus on the internal details. And don’t tell the investor things that are obvious to him. For example, don’t describe the market situation, if one of his portfolio companies works in a related field or the conversation takes place within the framework of a narrow-focused event.

2 Steps to a Successful Pitch Presentation

— What makes you unique and what problem do you solve?

Most investors know that really great business models find a gap in the market – a problem that can be solved with your product or service.

This is important to consumers. You solve a problem, make someone’s life easier, and people are willing to pay for it. The main thing is that you can solve interesting problems.

The presentation should start with a gap in the market and your solution for it, as well as what makes this solution unique.

Be sure to think about the customer path and what might motivate people to choose your product or service over others.

While you may not be the only one creating a product, there may be a specific niche you’re targeting or a direction that makes it a fresh idea.

— How does the idea differ from the competitors?

Take the time to talk about the market as a whole and the position of your product or service in it.

This should be backed up by market size research at a local, national or global level, depending on the plans to scale the company.

Companies usually need to be scalable to attract investor interest, so make sure you include the specifics of the company’s growth strategy.

Showing the projected market growth along with the projected growth of the business will give investors more confidence in your vision.