King of Royal Maya donates covid-19 test kits to the Navajo Nation

As announced by the H.H. Prime Minister David Arthur Darby the Imperial king of the federation of Royal Mayan is donating COVID-19 relief funds to the citizens of Navajo Nations in the US. The Mayan majesty King Phillip IV and Queen mother has taken this initiative as an act to empower and protect southwestern people and culture with necessary supplies of test and PPE kits and other daily supplies in this pandemic.

The Donation That Matters To Many

They will donate $1,000,000 USD for supplies of goods and $5 million Royal Mayan manna to assist the livelihoods of the primary health workers, workers, and daily workers whose work life has been affected in this unpredicted time.

The Queen mother of the federation Queen Janice and Imperial King Phillip IV will be present together to formally hand the donation through the Mexico state by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and President of Navajo Nation in Santa Fe, NM.

Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has facilitated this donation through his NRF or Navajo Relief Fund which works for uplifting the citizens of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico from poverty and unemployment which has increased due to pandemic. He and the former UN president alongside the representative of the US state department and congress delegates will be physically present to attend the donation and greet the King.

The Imperial king will provide donations to the Sunwest biotech to provide necessary PPE (Primary Protection Provider) kits for the safety of workers, test kits for more testing with Food, water, and primary supplies to the people of Navajo Nations. The king says that the death and suffering of the indigenous people and lack of supplies to protect their own people and community.

The Collaboration To Protect And Help Each Other

“We simply cannot stand by and watch native people in the United States who are struggling with a disease that threatens to destroy their families and their unique southwestern culture.” the King said. The Queen’s mother and the majesty were moved to the situation of lacking medical supplies and the suffering of their people. The royalty also sees this initiative by Phillip IV to strengthen the collaboration and interrelationship of the federation and the United States and the United Nations as Queen Janice said, “I greatly anticipate a solid foundation of collaboration and trust as we work together for the good of people of both the Navajo nation and of Royal Mayan.

There have been more than 102000 cases in Utah, 13000 cases in New Mexico, more than  25650 cases ib Arizona among which Indians were also affected. During the lockdown period, the unemployment rates have been increasing and poverty among the poor people was worsening due to the drop down of economy. In these crises, the gesture of succor and providing protection to Mayan Americana will be extremely appreciated. King Phillip IV has been working for a self-sustaining campaign for refugees and helping them to establish with the collaboration of the UN and this donation is also a part of this vision of goodwill.