Learn Programming to be an entrepreneur to bring idea into reality

Programming is an art of instructing computer systems to perform different tasks. Instructing means that you feed in structured information that the computer can understand. Today’s world is full of computers and every single step is dependent somehow on computers. So being in this era where you are surrounded by computers and mobiles, it is essential that you know how to program them. The best part about learning programming is that it is open for all. Many big companies hire expert and seasoned programmer irrespective of their education, so it is not mandatory to have a degree to be a professional programmer.

To start off with learning programming the important languages are C/C++, Java, C# and Python. Besides being interesting, programming is really an adequate job to do. In order to get a job at a high tech company such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google many others one should opt for computer science stream during education. So start to Learn C Programming initially to know how the things are working behind your computer screen and then move on to higher-level languages. MIS webmails are also has a importance in the improvement of your studies.

Here are some reasons why you should learn programming.

1.     Programming shapes mental model and boosts up brain

Programming rather boosts your brain and it is true that programmers think differently than others. When you decide to learn different programming languages, your brain changes and adapts to new challenges. It starts to work faster and smarter so that it can meet those challenges while spending less efforts. Programming helps you formulate multiple efficient solutions to a single problem. A person with boosted cognitive abilities has more belief in him/herself making him notable in the society. This systematic perspective makes big problems easy to solve. A programmer is proficient in problem solving so he applies this approach to everyday challenge.

“The tools we use have a profound (and devious) influence on our thinking habits, and, therefore, on our thinking abilities.” Prof. Dr. Edsger W.Dijkstra

2.     Career Flexibility – Makes you your own boss

One important reason for learning programming is to be qualified for a wide range of jobs. It is a fact that the web and internet is expanding exponentially every year and there will not be any shortage of jobs for programmers in future.

Moreover, a programmer can have multiple freelance jobs in parallel because they don’t need to follow a strict schedule. They do not need to run for job search and can do their job from anywhere they go. So, preferring programming over any other profession makes you, your own boss. Even if you don’t want need to be a programmer, your programming skills can make your CV stand out from the rest.

3.     Strong foundation for a Business

All the businesses now days are highly dependent upon computers and tech. The computer systems are responsible for the daily operations of businesses both large and small.  Corporates require programmers so that they can look after the computer systems and software that are used to organize payroll information, protect electronic records and files, and maintain inventory and customer relationship databases. With the help of computers, this information can be kept secure in one centralized location. Corporates need IT professionals from manufacturing to marketing. IT professionals work closely to software developers and web designers so most IT jobs require business knowledge and codding knowledge combined.

Learning programming along with your own science can be a bonus for any industrial job. Besides being a programmer can help you a lot in establishing your own business.

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4.     Power of a new idea – blend imagination and creation

The ability to code has so much power that even a small unique idea can change the way the world works. A small application that monitors the blood pressure, can change the approach of many peoples’ daily routine.  The idea of Facebook has revolutionized the world of social media.

There is still lot of room to work upon in different fields. You just need to think differently as an idea can change so many lives. You need good programming skills and one way to do that is to take part in Different Programming Contests for your idea to turn into reality. A hired person cannot put the same amount of heart and soul that you can and the output would not be the same as you imagined.

5.     Opportunity upgrade living standard

In the present world, some of the highest paid jobs are related to programming. If you are a high pay seeker, then this is the way to achieve your goal. Programmers are exceedingly in demand all across the globe. Additionally, as the demand is higher than the supply, the salaries are raised automatically.

A programmer is highly paid for making others dream come true. The technical reasoning of a programmer makes business ideas possible. This is the reason why even the freelancers are charging thousands of dollars based on their work.

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