Mdex has released new rules for the Boardroom lock-up

Mdex has released new rules for the Boardroom lock-up. The details are as follows.

  1. Different lock-up cycles

The Boardroom lockup now supports different lockup strategies for single token MDX staking, that is, users can lock up their positions in the Boardroom single token staking pool for current, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days just with one click.

  1. More lock-up benefits

Users can choose different lock-up cycles to get corresponding returns. Overall, the longer the lock-up period, the higher the income weights. That is, with the same amount of stakings, the lock-up income is more generous for longer lock-up periods.

  1. Can I withdraw earnings during the lock-up period?

The user cannot withdraw the principal during the lock-up period from the Boardroom, but can withdraw the lock-up proceeds at any time.

  1. What benefits do I enjoy after the expiration of the locked position?

The position that expires will be automatically transferred to the demand deposit mode to generate revenue for users. That is, the unlocked assets can be withdrawn at any time; otherwise, the unclaimed principal will generate revenue in accordance with the weight of the demand deposit.

  1. What happens to my revenues after the locked position expires?

After the locked position expires, the contract will automatically transfer the proceeds to the user’s wallet address if there are unclaimed proceeds of the corresponding locked position.

  • Under the new rules, the rewards are differentiated according to users’ lockup period,  which encourages long-term lockup. Users can choose the duration as per their personal preference. These newly added fixed lockup periods generate higher rewards than demand lockup and the proceeds from lockup mining can be withdrawn at any time. To sum, the new mechanism will simplify the operation process while at the same time enhancing users’ benefits.
  • For long-term MDX holders, this is an opportunity to grasp the value bestowed by time and enjoy more rights and benefits.

High yields of MDEX Boardroom

Since its launch, Mdex has been bringing enormous benefits to the community and users. Several measures such as liquidity mining, transaction mining, transaction fee income for airdrop, MDX repurchase and burn, etc., have quickly gathered a large amount of liquidity, to such an extent that it surpasses that of Uniswap, Pancake and other DEX. MDEX’s transaction volume and TVL are also at the top of rankings among DEX projects, which enables a good transaction experience with low slippage.

Take the Boardroom staking for instance. As the benefactors, users and community members can receive airdrop bounties and benefits from the transaction fees through Boardroom staking to enjoy the advantages of MDEX’s growth.

Data shows that to date, Mdex has distributed over $340 million rewards to stakers. Their APR is over 150%, and the APY is even up to 300%.

MDEX has been diversifying the Boardroom gameplay, offering single token staking for holders to bring them more revenues while at the same time ensuring low risk. The reward token types have been expanded from HT and MDX to more projects tokens such as Coinwind’s COW, O3Swap’s O3, etc. For some single token stakings, users can even obtain mining revenues of multiple tokens types.

The key role of Mdex Boardroom

The Boardroom’s mechanism of using transaction fees for repurchase and burn is a key part of Mdex’s self-driven closed loop for value capture. It is also an important measure to balance the output between liquidity mining and transaction mining in the tokenomics.

At the same time, Mdex, a product with high mining yields, is extremely profitable and attractive for many vaults, which necessitates the team to consider how to reduce the impact of vaults on MDX token prices as well as the functioning of the community. In this sense, the empowerment of the Boardroom is the direction that Mdex must continue to explore, as it will benefit both MDEX users and the entire MDEX ecology.

The potential value of the Boardroom

According to the LightPaper and the latest Roadmap released not long ago, the Boardroom will evolve towards Dao in the future, while diversifying staking rewards.

Benefits of participating in Mdex governance

The change of Boardroom lockup rules represents the starting of MDEX’s DAO, which is actually a part of the DAO regarding Boardroom dividends. In the future, there will be more DAO based proposals to enable more benefits for MDEX users. MDEX will initiate an election for Boardroom members to select 21 super directors through MDX voting. Boardroom members elected can enjoy the right to initiate proposals and receive high income; users can participate in MDEX governance through MDX voting and obtain corresponding rewards. Mdex currently has a market capitalization of over $800 million and a TVL of $2.8 billion, making it a blockchain giant that is able to bring constant revenues to its users.

More value capture

In terms of lock-up revenues, the LightPaper states that transaction fees will only be a part of MDEX platform revenues in the future and all project revenues will be used to benefit MDX holders through a variety of methods, such as rewards, MDX repurchase and burn, etc. This means that Mdex revenue at IMO as well as from other innovative derivatives to be launched, such leveraged trading, options trading, prediction markets, etc., are rather high for users who lock their positions in the Boardroom. Since the project launch, the spot transaction alone contributed to $340 million dividends in six months. With more diversified products that have perceivably larger market sizes, such as leverage, options and other products, the Boardroom will witness even more significant revenues.