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My Tutor Source (MTS) is one of the largest and fastest growing Edtech companies currently operating in the UAE. Operating in the tutoring industry since 2017, My Tutor Source has quickly established itself as a major force, competing with the biggest companies already established in the industry.

Having students in the Middle East, USA, UK and Hong Kong, among other places, MTS now caters to thousands of students, with student numbers increasing over 15-20% on a monthly basis. To achieve such impressive student numbers, MTS is committed to providing all students the education they require. The curricula currently offered include GCSEs, A-Levels, High School, IB MYP & DP, ICSE, and CBSE, with all subjects required in these curricula being taught. Outside of the most popular curricula, MTS also offers exam preparation courses for exams such as SAT, TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS.

Using the experience accumulated over the past four years, and illustrated by the figures provided pertaining to student numbers and revenue, MTS has quickly established itself as a major player in the Edtech industry, competing with the likes of Byju’s, Unacademy, Udemy and Khan Academy. Despite being a relatively young company at the moment, MTS has quickly made itself known as a major competitor in this industry, with its already considerable yearly growth expected to increase even further over the coming years. In the interests of selecting only the best tutors available, MTS finds experienced professionals, who must then pass a rigorous interview process, in order to ensure quality control. Through these meticulous hiring procedures, MTS has hired over 300 experienced tutors globally in the last few months, including native speakers for language courses. Hiring is not limited geographically to certain regions, so that the widest pool of teachers is available, from which only the best are selected. MTS guarantees students that no matter what course or subject they need to learn, a highly qualified tutor will be provided to them. These tutors are available for inquiries 24/7, and all sessions are closely monitored by MTS administrators, to ensure the standard of education meets the company’s strict requirements.

The company’s revenues have increased between 250-300% yearly, with an estimated annual revenue of $2 Million and a net worth close to $30 Million. These statistics show the company’s ability to operate successfully in this field while generating a profit. Having already established itself as a force in these regions, MTS is looking to expand even further, with the first goal being to become the largest provider of online education in the entire Middle East. This will provide the company a strong foothold, using which it can look to expand operations into areas such as North America, Europe, and Australia. In order to further expand reach, MTS has adapted to the new digital landscape, partnering with social media influencers all over the world. Hundreds of influencers are already partnered with MTS, with more and more partnerships being formed on a weekly basis.

While online learning is a relatively young industry, it has seen unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. With school closures worldwide depriving children of education, online learning providers, including MTS, have stepped up in order to fill this void, and to ensure that no child has to miss crucial stages of their education due to the pandemic. With nearly 1.6 billion students affected by the pandemic worldwide, the situation has also led to falling enrolment numbers, with fewer students than ever enrolling in schools and colleges. The percentage decrease in student enrolment at all levels of education ranges between 2.5% to 9.5%, in the United States alone. With many nations worldwide not having detailed statistics on these matters, it is impossible to know just how many students were forced to delay, or abandon entirely, their education due to the pandemic. With the growing accessibility and availability of the internet, computers and mobile devices, the online learning industry is in a great place to provide these students an alternative to physical classes, which are not entirely safe during a global pandemic.

This industry was already growing at a rapid pace prior to the pandemic, with global profits and investment in online learning growing at a rapid pace. The explosion in popularity due to the pandemic, alongside new inventions and innovations brought about due to necessity, the industry will undoubtedly go from strength to strength in the years to come. The future of online learning is bright, with it positioned to equal, and ultimately surpass, the traditional learning industry.

“The mission at MTS has always been to provide the best possible education,” said CEO Aamir Azam. “We will continue to grow in order to achieve this goal, and remain committed to revolutionize the education industry with advanced technology and innovation.”

About MTS

My Tutor Source is a private tutoring platform, offering only the highest quality private tuition, at affordable prices. By selecting tutors through a comprehensive and rigorous interview process, MTS ensures only the best educators are hired. MTS has been operating in the online tutoring industry since 2017, with both teachers and administrators at the company now very experienced in the online learning process.


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