New Dab Rig 2020- Here Is What You Need To Know

A dab rig can be defined as a glass smoking device, actually meant to smoke oil and wax concentrate. The structure of the dab rig is identical to the bong. It is very simple to utilize your dab rig. You have to heat the concentrate, and then, dab it onto the dab nail.

Furthermore, a detailed description is given below. A high five duo vaporizer is also required for the dabbing process. However, to know more about it, stick with us till the end.

Benefits Of Using A Dab Rig

Technically, you can utilize a water pipe to smoke the concentrates. But, using a dab rig provides you some of the major benefits that you can’t find in any basic water pipe.

Consuming a dab rig for the concentrates of wax and oils can provide you with so many advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. A dab rig will provide you with the maximum flavor of your concentrate.
  2. Less smoking odor and very well tasting vapor.
  3. The lesser amount of carcinogens do not contain smoke.
  4. A good power to produce vapors.

Setting Up Your Dab Rig

So, if you are clear about the basics of dab rig 2020, you are now ready to use your dab rig. Further, let’s talk about the important components required to use your dab rig and the process in which these components are used.

Dab Nail – Generally, dab nail is the device that heats up with the help of a torch and when it heats up, you can place the concentrate in there for the smoke. The dab nail works similarly to what a bowl piece would do to be a bong. Thus, a dab nail is inserted in the dab rig.

A Dab Tool/Dab Wand – A dab wand can be defined as a device in which you pick up the concentrate, and then, you move it into the dab nail. Afterward, you have to take the dab tool, and then, scraping off the wax is the next step. Now, you have to move the concentrate into the warm dab nail so that it creates smoke.

Moreover, there is a carb cap that is optional because not all of the dab rigs contain a carb cap. Once the concentrate is placed inside the dab nail, you can use this carb cap to cover the dab nail.

The basic purpose of this carb cap is to build potential vapor and prevent any vapor from escaping. The working of the carb cap is similar to the working of a shotgun in a bong as it assists you in amplifying the hit you consume.

Steps On How To Use The New Dab Rig 2020

First of all, you have to pick up your dab wand, and then, you need to scrape the amount of concentrate you would like to smoke.

Afterward, you have to follow the step of heating. You need to heat the dab nail by hitting the sides of the dab nail with the torch so that it heats accurately. Repeat hitting the dab nail with the torch nail until it turns red in color.

Hence, when you will heat the side of the glass that is opposite to the whole nail, it will create a golden zone for the dabbing process of your concentrate. You have to place your wax concentrate in the area that is directly hit by the torch.

After this, you have to wait for about 50 seconds so that nail comes to normal temperature. Nevertheless, this is one of the most difficult steps to do because a little mistake can burn or waste your concentrate if the nail is heated at the hot temperature.

Once it is cooled down, and the nail is not in the red hot color, it is completely fine to take your prepared wand tool, and then, you can easily dab your concentrate into the nail. Apart from that, if you possess a carb cap, you can use the carb cap after the first pull.

Now, you can inhale your dab as much as want, and you can stop when you are fully satisfied with your dab.

That’s it! Now, you have completely followed all the steps and you have officially used your dab hit using your dab rig.

Summing Up!

Thus, before using your dab rig 2020, it is quite important for you to know about it very well. When you will be aware of the facts and figures of your dab, you would be able to easily consume it.

However, you can also watch different videos for creating your first dab. So, be cautious while preparing your first dab to avoid any mistakes as the first experience is always valuable and memorizing.