Norilsk Nickel Pollution Control Activities: the Company Covers the Expenses Related to the Fuel Spill

Norilsk Nickel fights against pollution and actively participates in all the steps devoted to the elimination of environmental problems.

Environmental issues are on the agenda all over the world nowadays and lots of huge corporations are trying to do their best in order to implement various projects devoted to nature conservation. Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest nickel and palladium producer, successfully fights against pollution for many years. It takes diverse measures that help to decrease the emissions as well as play a huge role in environmental protection in the regions of its operations.

Nornickel Fights Against Pollution – How the Company Deals with a Massive Fuel Spill

Recently, Norilsk Nickel unjustly has become notoriously famous for a massive fuel spill happened in Norilsk. Some authorities keep blaming the corporation for this accident while it has already been proven that it occurred due to the melting of permafrost.

It has been estimated that the damage from the incident is huge and the compensation is about RUB 21.4BN.

It is clear that the impact that this diesel fuel spill has on the atmosphere is undeniable. And Nornickel does its utmost in order to eliminate the consequences and possible complications for the ecology of the region.

The measures were taken immediately and Norilsk Nickel launched clean-up works on the very first day a fuel spill happened. Although some authorities mention that the steps should have been taken earlier, it is clear that it would lead to worse results, as it was difficult to estimate the real situation and possible consequences straight away.

Undoubtedly, it is obvious that the damage is of serious nature as water and soil were polluted by oil products. However, it should also be mentioned:

  • soil has been overstated by several folds
  • soil also had some other pollutants
  • some parts of industrial land were wrongly classified as fertile land

It shows that the case needs further investigation and the problems should be overviewed in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

The clean-up works are still ongoing and Norilsk Nickel does not only actively takes part and provides help on various levels but also covers all the expenses voluntarily. Moreover, it also takes into consideration that this problem has occurred due to diverse reasons and that is why the circumstances should be investigated thoroughly and all the preventive measures should be taken immediately.

As it has been observed already, this incident has been caused by permafrost thaw. The scientists have warned about this issue in the Arctic region but only when a massive fuel spill happened, everybody understood that this problem is serious and should be dealt with at once.

That is why Nornickel does not only help to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy but also plans to devote its time and money to the investigation of permafrost issues in the region.

However, Norilsk has some other pollution issues, as all the industrial cities do nowadays. But this region is lucky as they have the industrial giant that takes care of nature and sets environmental protection as one of its main goals.

Norilsk Nickel Decreases Pollution: Sulphur Project and its Main Points

Nornickel takes measures against pollution on various levels. Although their main priority is the case with a fuel spill now, they have been implementing various projects devoted to environmental protection for a long time.

Sulphur project is one of the main projects the aim of which is to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions not only in the regions of the operations but also globally.

Norilsk Nickel has already signed a contract with STEP according to the terms of which the industrial giant will implement diverse measures in order to reduce emissions in Norilsk by at least 45% vs 2015.

The main works will be carried out at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant and STEP will be in charge of constructing the main project facilities. The project is planned to be finished by the end of 2022 and will lead to a dramatic change in the level of emissions in the region.

Norilsk Nickel will:

  • upgrade its existing facilities
  • shut down some of its plants (for example, Nickel Plant has already been closed in 2016 during the modernization)
  • construct new recovery unit
  • use new technologies that will help to convert sulphur dioxide to sulphuric acid
  • implement modern technologies that will lead to the efficient reduction of emission during industrial production

According to the statistics, all the measures that have already been taken have led to great results as SO2 emissions ceased and the numbers show that the level of emissions in the region keeps decreasing on the regular basis.

Future Measures for the Environmental Protection and Reduction of SO2 Emission

Norilsk Nickel plans to combat pollution and continue reducing SO2 emission in the regions of its operations. The industrial giant will implement an anchor sulphur utilization project at Nadezhda Plant and moves toward 20x reduction in SO2 emissions in the long term.

However, the Sulphur project is not the only one that is led by Nornickel as it takes care of environmental protection on all levels. The projects are implemented in the spheres of:

  • air protection
  • water protection
  • waste management
  • biodiversity conservation
  • climate change

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel pays attention to the environmental management system mentioning that it helps to evaluate the ongoing environmental projects and maintain the sustainability inside the corporation. It also helps to calculate the expenses and plan future goals and drafts.

All in all, a massive fuel spill happened in Norilsk has become one of the worst environmental tragedies in the Arctic region. However, the incident should be properly investigated as blaming Norilsk Nickel, the one that fights against pollution on a daily basis without having any appropriate evidence is not wise.

The permafrost issue should be taken into consideration as it is actually the leading cause of a fuel spill. The measures should be taken immediately to prevent such terrible incidents in the future.

Nornickel, in its turn, not only actively takes part in the clean-up works but also keeps fighting against pollution on various levels. Norilsk pollution level decreases annually as the industrial giant implements diverse projects devoted to environmental protection.

The major project of Nornickel is the one devoted to the reduction of emissions in the region and the company keeps working hard in order to complete its goals. Norilsk is in the right hands as Nornickel continues combating pollution and plans to implement more projects devoted to environmental protection not only in the regions of its operations but also globally.