Petroteq Stock Set To Hit A Record High In The Coming Weeks As World’s Crude Oil Demand  Increases Exponentially 

Petroteq stock (OTC:PQEFF) is projected to hit a record high in 2021 as the company increases its production capacity and the world’s oil demand soars, giving traders one of the best opportunities to invest their money and get it back in multiples.

Like other companies in the industry, the integrated company has been choked under environmental concern restrictions and inadequate technology to extract oil from oil sands in the best environmentally friendly processes.

Besides the production stalemate, the company faced yet another challenge of slumping global oil demand due to the economic recession caused by the far-reaching effects of the novel Coronavirus. The two major reasons made the company’s stock undervalued, reaching $0.12 in June.

However, the company has adopted a revolutionary technology for extracting oil from the oil sands without exacerbated environmental effects while also cutting down on the production cost per barrel.

The Clean Oil Recovery Technology (CORT) is a patent-protected disruptive clean technology with a closed-loop process that makes it highly efficient. With the ultra-modern technology, the company targets less than $20 per barrel production cost and $10 potential additional margin on cleaned sand per barrel.

Even though this technology has taken time to stabilize, it’s a truly remarkable and revolutionary technology that gives all the benefits while removing all environmental hazards from the extraction process. And at the bottom line, it’s a win-win for all.

Oil Sands is one of the rapidly growing industries due to the ever-hiking conventional oil prices and its scarcity that makes it subsequently costlier. Being the third-largest oil reserves in the world, the ever-increasing global oil demand keeps the company’s value at the top while raking in a colossal profit for investors.

Petroteq Energy Inc. has been performing excellently for the past few years due to the CORT’s success,  and the promising trend is expected to grow even more rapidly in the coming years. With its revolutionary extraction process, Petroteq is looking forward to reaching a target of 10,000 BPD from the current 500BPD by 2023, thereby increasing the company’s profit twenty times.

According to statistics from the World Bank,  the oil and gas market is projected to grow from $4677.45 billion witnessed in 2020 to a whopping $5870.13 billion by then end of this year. The data also projects that the oil prices will increase from $56/bbl in 2021 to $60/bbl in 2022. As such, PQEFF is expected to move quickly, locking insanely high profits for investors.

With all the remarkable improvements made by the company in the past couple of years, the stability of the company’s financial standpoint is assured, while the market advantage in the oil and gas industry is a real indicator of the stock’s potential to skyrocket anytime soon.

The easing of the global Coronavirus pandemic’s grip and a gradual return to normal life in major economies has also signaled an acute increase in oil demand, all that works in favor of the Petroteq stock stability and appreciating value in the market.

While the company seems to have underperformed during the pandemic, even the world’s leading oil companies experienced the same shock. However, the turbulent seems to be backing off, putting the oil and gas industry on a promising trajectory to more significant gains.

The enormous prospect makes not only the PQEFF stock a potential goldmine but also a fortune multiplier capable of increasing your invested money more than tenfold when the stock price shoots up from $0.1 in the previous close to over $1 in the coming weeks.

If an investor uses $100 to buy the PQEFF stock when the price is still at $0.1, the person is more likely to earn $1000 after selling the stock at its peak. This locks in a 1000% return on the investment, making the Petroteq stock one of the high-income earning ventures within an astonishingly short period.

According to an expert prediction model, the PQEFF stock has a steady incremental trend that keeps its value ever-rising. From the previous close value of $0.1369, the stock value will increase exponentially to $0.1629 in a matter of weeks and later jumps to $0.3459.

With this kind of trend, it’s obvious that making incredible profit margins in the PQEFF stock trade is almost certain. And, of course, it will get even better than that.

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