Project Planning: Why Having a Gantt Chart is necessary?

A project is a combination of work schedules. A combination of many small tasks ultimately leads to a complete project. As in a project, there may have too many small, medium or big sized works associated it is often very difficult to plan the project that will incorporate the proper time frame, will include all of the available works, will show the required days for completing the job, etc.

Technology has become advanced and project planning becomes easier now-a-days with the use of Gantt Chart Software. But today we are not going to discuss any software but will discuss why having a Gantt chart could be useful.

1.Eliminate Unnecessary Work

A Gantt chart shows you a brief of works you are in need to do within a specific time frame. As it lists down all of the activity in a single chart, you can check which works are unnecessary for any specific time. For example, in a construction project removal of backyard sludge may not be necessary always on a priority basis.

2.Setting the Priority of Work

All the works in a project are not important. Some work may have much importance than others and may need an emergency lookup. Having a Gantt chart helps you to prioritize these kinds of activities and thus improves in time management of the work. For example, in construction work painting should be done at the very last and after completing all of the tasks. Thus before painting, all other works should be prioritized.

3.Time Management

Time management is the most crucial part of any project. It is being said that, time is money. So a good project manager will keep a sharp eye on the overall project duration as well as time requirements for small works. A well explained Gantt chart explains the time duration for each work and thus combines them all for the total project duration. Moreover, the Gantt chart helps in finding the critical path of the project completion that helps in completing the project on time.

4.Manpower Management

A Gantt chart has every detail required for a project. As it describes, timeframe, the importance of the specific work, you can understand how much-experienced personnel is needed for that specific task. By looking into the Gantt chart you can plan your manpower to be used and thus increase the efficiency of the available manpower you have on hand.

5.Task assignments, chat and other benefits

If you use a Gantt chart software then you may have these kinds of features. You can assign any specific task to a person, you can chat in realtime, send an email notification, or even push notification in the smartphone. You will be able to see the project progress in terms of monetary value as well as the percentage of work. These softwares often provide a history of project changes that helps in to decide which specific task became beneficial, who took that decision and even you can know who is the most efficient in your team.