Businesses inherently have unique operational models. These require appropriate tools to address specific needs. A software like QuickBooks Enterprise is uniquely positioned to help businesses do just that. The solution can help businesses manage their financial information better. In addition to finance management, it can help manage regular business operations as well. With these capabilities, QuickBooks Enterprise is closer to an Enterprise Resource Planning application than a pure finance application. When businesses opt for QuickBooks Enterprise hostingthe choice is even more compelling than regular ERP systems. Let us understand how QuickBooks Enterprise compares with ERP systems and why businesses are increasingly opting for it.

What Are the Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise has several advantages vis-a-vis other ERP solutions.


Although SMBs find the application to be at the higher end of the spectrum for a finance application, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions pricing is much more competitive when compared to ERP systems that are available in the market. It is much more flexible and gives businesses many more choices for purchasing the right plan for their requirements than most other competitors. Additionally, huge discounts are running from time to time that businesses can take advantage of to reduce their overall expenditure.

Inventory Management

The Advanced Inventory Management system integrated into QuickBooks Enterprise is an unparalleled tool that few other systems have implemented as a part of their regular product offering. It is a one-stop-shop solution for managing all the inventory requirements of brick-and-mortar stores throughout customer fulfillment lifecycle. The tool is so simple to use that users simply need to scan barcodes and serial numbers with their mobile phones to update a centrally managed system.

Smart Reporting Tools

QuickBooks Enterprise includes advanced reporting tools that become critical for businesses as they grow. Businesses can get better insights into analytics. The data can be stored for much longer periods. It is easy to look up for relevant documents for users that have QuickBooks Enterprise. When you get a favorable Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Pricingconsider moving your QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud. This would help in allowing larger quantities of data to be stored and processed without glitches.

Version Options

QuickBooks Enterprise is a versatile solution that is even available in different flavors for eight different lines of businesses. These, for example, include the construction industry, contractors, retailers, services, and even non-profits. Based on what you choose, you can get features like barcode scanning for businesses in the warehousing industry, the ability to do budgeting, creating custom charts, tracking job progress, and other features.

How Does QuickBooks Enterprise Compare with ERP Solutions?

There may be several solutions that can solve the same problems. But QuickBooks Enterprise does it better and arguably at lower costs. It can simplify finding information easily, editing, and modifying it. That is the major reason why it is the firm favorite of small and medium businesses that are apprehensive about purchasing a full-fledged ERP solution.

Another major difference between QuickBooks Enterprise and other ERP solutions is that they do not have a consumption-based subscription. They have a different license procurement method that may not always be suitable for all businesses. Also, they make it difficult to switch it to another solution once a user has started operations with them. Consequently, they are more suitable when a business has grown to a point where it makes sense to invest significantly in these expensive systems.

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

The best way to make use of QuickBooks Enterprise is a hosted solution. These are provided by reputed cloud service providers who can also provide affiliated solutions such as Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration.